Warbred Pokemon

War is a common occurrence in Aatos. Battles rage every day in some part of the world from bloody civil war to glorious conquests. Pokemon and their powers play an integral role in these conflicts. Eventually, some breeders developed techniques that allowed them to breed pokemon that thrived in battle and served the needs of armies to the letter. These pokemon have relatively little emotion compared to others of their kind. These pokemon follow orders to the letter and excel at working in groups. They are stronger, tougher, and more capable than standard pokemon. The secrets to breeding these pokemon are kept secret by the few breeders that know the technique, and each warbred pokemon is sterile. These elite breeders sell their warbred eggs for huge prices. Due to their large costs and long hatching rates, warbred pokemon are generally only purchased to be part of elite war units.

Mechanics: Warbred Pokemon are larger, tougher, and stronger than their species are in the wild. They also are almost completely robotic in the carrying out of orders. They will never question their trainer no matter how difficult or terrible the command is. Warbred Pokemon have the following characteristics:

  • Warbred eggs generally cost 1,000 times the exp drop of whatever they hatch into (PTA), which translates from 5k for a caterpie all the way up to 40k for a pokemon like absol. The closer the eggs are to hatching, the more expensive the eggs are to buy.
  • Warbred pokemon take three times as long as normal eggs of their species do to hatch, with a minimum of 30 days.
  • Warbred pokemon have an Intelligence capability of 5, but they posses no sense of self. Warbred pokemon follow all orders to the letter as quickly and efficiently as possible. They do not question the commands no matter how horrible they are.
  • Warbred pokemon gain +25% exp (this additional exp is not modified by any other modifiers, but is calculated separately from bonuses like brutal workout).
  • Warbred pokemon recieve a +1 to all stats in addition to any breeding bonuses.
  • Warbred pokemon are one size and weight category larger than normal.
  • Warbred pokemon recieve +2 to any existing overland, burrow, sky, surface, and underwater capabilities, and +1 to Jump and Power capabilities.
  • In PTU, Warbred pokemon also receive one additional rank in Combat and Perception.

Role in Aatos: Warbred pokemon are the product of selective breeding in order to fill a position of great demand in a world like Aatos: the pokemon specifically bred to wage war for their masters. They are the ultimate soldiers. It is the type of weapon that rulers of expansionist nations would seek aggressively in order to increase their prospects of victory. Warbred pokemon are what developed from such efforts.

Common Locations: Warbred mon are quite rare. Most warbred pokemon are sold to governmental organizations who use them to put together elite teams of pokemon for their shock troop squads. Extremely wealthy merchants and nobles may purchase one or two warbred pokemon to defend their bodies or their properties. Only a few breeders are capable of creating warbred pokemon, and they guard both their location and their techniques jealously. They are also quite rich, and guarded by a multitude of their own creations.

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