The Oceans

Arcal Ocean Sitting to the north of Iussus, the Arcal ocean is one of the least visited portions of Iussus. It is filled with dangerous ice floes and icerbergs, which few ships are able to navigate safely. The waters are frigid enough that even one second of immersion in the water can lead to death, and at the very least severe hypothermia and frostbite. Making landfall often isn't an option, as the Frozen Wastes are just as, if not more, dangerous than the waters neighboring them. There are generally safer and more effective ways to get where one needs to go, so the Arcal ocean sees little traffic.

Ice/Water pokemon are very common in the Arcal Ocean. Dewgong, lapras, cloyster, and sealeo make their homes in these frigid waters, as the temperatures are very comfortable for them. It is the only ocean that is not inhabited by any tentacruel, as the waters would freeze their insides and kill them.

Harena Ocean The warm waters south of Harena, the Harena ocean is mostly used as a military training ground for the Carthaki Navy. Trade vessels and pirate ships generally don't use the route, as there are no major cities on the southern coast of Harena, and the Sea of Falling Stars is a faster and more profitable way to get between Gavent and Western Iussus. Fishing vessels sometimes go through the waters to get horseas, whose meat sells for high prices, but artificial farms have been lowering the demand of naturally caught meat. With such little traffic, the caves on this ocean's coast are more commonly being used as storage caverns and hideaway spots for pirates and wanted men.

The Harena Ocean is inhabited by pokemon who enjoy warm water. Tentacool are extremely common, and there are more horsea colonies in this ocean than the rest of the world combined. Mantines and remoraids glide through these waters in harmony, and schools of basculin hunt en mass. Sometimes rich nobles and merchants take long vacations on pleasure boats in the relatively safe waters. The Harena ocean is always a stop on the list so the passengers can swim in crystal clear waters with pokemon that don't seem overly aggressive.

Sea of Falling Stars The Sea of falling stars is nestled between Harena and Iussus. It is extremely important for the economies of both continents. Trade ships go to and from Carthaki port cities to Attica and the Achaemian Empire. It is patrolled regularly by various military organizations (though these organizations don't always agree on who can go where) to prevent pirate ships from the Syreni Islands from sneaking in: a task in which they are only partially successful. Fishing boats comb the waters to harvest the fruit of the sea for their people, though some say the sea is becoming over-fished.

The sea is filled with most of the usual suspects in mild to warm seawaters, and there are large amounts of magikarp and finneon, which serve as the main fish that fishermen go for. Tentacool are also quite common in the waters, and large groups often float along, poisonous tentacles grasping anything that comes near.

Strait of the Sirens A small strip of water separating eastern Iussus, the Strait of the Sirens is constantly filled with pirate ships coming and going from the islands. While trade vessels are welcome, any military ship from a country not the Syreni Islands are sunk on sight. The pirates take no chances in letting armed forces make it to their homeland. Miolotic are common in these waters, and many collectors come to the Strait simply to capture one, as they are quite elusive in all other parts of Aatos.


The Stormwrack The Stormwrack lies between Iussus, Silvastre and the Syreni Islands. It is by far the most dangerous of the five bodies of water to traverse. The name Stormwrack comes from the incredibly powerful storms that rip across the ocean extremely frequently. Many times these are natural phenomenon and can be avoided by a skilled captain, but sometimes they are brought on by a beast known as the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a fearful name given to the last remaining Azureryu in the world. When the storms are brought by the Leviathan, there are no survivors, and the many attempts to hunt the beast down have been ultimately unsuccessful.

Most traffic on the Stormwrack falls into one of two categories. The first consists of raiding ships from the Syreni Islands travelling to and from the Sea of Falling stars to launch raids throughout Harena and Southwest Iussus and returning from the raids. These pirates are familiar with the waters and are more than capable of avoiding danger spots that lurk throughout the ocean. The second are cargo/passenger/merchant ships travelling to and from Silvastre. These ships often carry valuables on them, which the Leviathan seems to target more often than other ships. Also, the captains of these boats are often inexperienced or unfamiliar with the ocean they're sailing on. These ships sink enough that making the journey to Silvastre is either safe and pricey, or dirt cheap and risky. Due to the adventure oriented nature of the people heading to Silvastre, most people choose to go dirt cheap.

As far as pokemon go, the Stormwrack is populated with all the usual ocean pokemon: tentacool, wailmer, sharpedo, and staryu to name a few. Wingulls can be found near land, oftentimes bobbing on the waves. These pokemon would never attack a ship, though survivors from a storm and people riding a pokemon in the water are very different stories. The pokemon in the Stormwrack are quite deadly, they just need to have a way to get at you.

The Oceans in your Campaign
For most, the Oceans are simply a tax on their time as they sail from on continent or city to another. That beings said, you can turn travel into a satisfying mini-adventure for your PCs and an opportunity to capture new wild pokemon unavailable in other parts of the world. Between pirate attacks, rampaging gyarados, or intrigue on the merchant ship, there are plenty of options for you to make this travel more than a simple time-skip. However, some campaigns may focus primarily on the ocean. The Syreni Islands give players the option of being pirates (although they could be unaffiliated pirates as well if they like), and no pirate campaign is complete without adventures on the seas. Thus, the oceans will likely either be a focus of your campaign or a small side-plot depending on the nature of the game.

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