The Stoutland Six

The Stoutland Six is a guildhouse that operates under as part of The Conclave. The guildhouse, located in the city Raish (see the Achaemian Empire), this is one of the smallest guildhouses in the world. Aside from the guildmaster, the guild has exactly six members at any point in time. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in specialization, expertise, and skill. Each member of the guild is a top level bounty hunter, with their own unique skills that set them apart from anybody else in the world. All are extremely experienced and extremely successful. With a job completion rate of over 95% at tracking some of Aatos's most sought after criminals, political enemies, and wanted persons, The Stoutland Six have established themselves as the best in the world at what they do: find and retrieve (either alive or dead) individuals that would rather hide from those with extreme wealth and influence. Since the guildmaster, who takes and assigns the jobs, refuses to accept any job which pays less than $50,000, work is not always readily available for the guild. Considering that finding particularly difficult marks in distant lands can sometimes take up to a year, anywhere from two to six of the Stoudland Six are out on jobs at any point in time.

Though the pokemon stoutland may be a pack pokemon, the Stoutland Six never work as a cohesive unit. Each member gets assigned a job suited best to their own capabilities, and, while they may use some of their own vast contacts to successfully finish the job, they almost never rely on each other. Each one has a drastically different personality and fighting style, and attempts at cooperation would be more likely to hinder the success of a job than help it. The members do see each other once every year for an annual gathering and whenever a new member is inducted into the guild, but they otherwise don't even keep in contact with each other. The only time when any members will hunt together is when they go after a traitor - a member of the guild that has gone renegade on a job or hunted another member of the guild. Even then, it is only Thorrenson's guidance and the other's sheer determination for vengeance against the insult to the guild which has such an elite name.

Each member of the Stoutland Six was accepted into the guild in a similar manner. The Guildmaster Thorrenson (the position of Guildmaster is passed down through the Thorrenson line) keeps tabs on any active bounty hunters, assassins, and other exceptional individuals that he thinks might be a good fit for the guild. Then, when a spot in the Stoutland Six opens up, either because a member died, betrayed the guildhouse, or made enough money to retire happily for the rest of their life, the Thorrenson approaches some of these individuals that will fill a role missing in the current six and offers them a tentative position. Each member is given a mark to find and bring in to the guildmaster. Since all candidates are searching for the same target, only one can successfully complete the job and get the spot. Upon entry, members are tattooed with the guild's symbol and gifted a Warbred stoutland from Guildmaster Thorrenson, whose family breeds some of the best stoutlands in the world.

In the past, the Stoutland Six have successfully hunted high priority targets such as Pirate Captains of the Syreni Islands, the Thief Kings of Miristan, and an Assassin who had killed the Light of Arceus in Serrin. As such, every member of the Stoutland Six - whether they are in it for the thrills, the money, or personal reasons - takes intense pride at being part of an organization that has such a high reputation. In fact, the symbol of being part of the Stoutland Six, a ring of six fangs on the ribcage, is enough to open a great many doors. Below are descriptions of each of the current members of the Stoutland Six and the current Guildmaster Thorrenson.

Guildmaster Thorrenson The current guildmaster of the Stoutland Six is Verloc Thorrenson, a grizzled old man. While he's not as good in combat as any of the six, he and his family have an extensive network of connections and are influential breeders and minor nobles in the Achaemian Empire. However, Verloc feels much more loyalty to his guild than to the Empire, which has caused friction between the King of the Achaemian Empire and the Thorrensons in the past. While Verloc did not build the guild up to its current glory (The Stoutland Six were renowned even before he was born), he has made improvements, using a series of well trained swellow to communicate between himself and the Six while they are on jobs.

Drakon Mister: In his past life, Drakon was the chief of Galla's King's Rangers. After receiving the offer to join the Stoutland Six, he deserted his post, figuring he could still rid the world of criminals while making substantially more money than he had been. As such, he's a wanted fugitive in Galla, but he still handles all of the Six's business in the Three Countries due to his intimate knowledge of the region. A master tracker and archer, Drakon proves to be an inescapable force, constantly bearing down on his mark from the saddle of his faithful sawsbuck mount.

Helena Dressow: Of all the Stoutland Six, Helena is the most powerful and successful. Aside from being a master swordswoman and trainer with remarkable instincts and tracking abilities, she also has a keen interest in the Vardamir Empire (see History) and the relics remaining from that empire. In addition to being part of the Stoutland Six guild, she is also a member of Relic Eye (see The Conclave]), which has given her access to a variety of dungeons and ruins that have yielded a wealth of relics. She wields a wide variety of ancient tools that assist her in tracking, combat, stealth, and travel, allowing her to complete jobs that would take her comrades months in a manner of weeks. She is assisted by her ace pokemon, Shadow the Gengar, who is just as skilled as its master.

Tyiendali: A native of Ohtar, Tyiendali left her home country at the age of 16, six of what she considered an oppressive and rigid society. She took with her a host of bug type pokemon, with whom she felt an intrinsic connection. Indeed, in some ways Tyiendali feels more bug than human, and her body reflects that. One of the precious few wielders of wild magic, Tyiendali's body has warped in parts to become more buglike, allowing her a variety of unique abilities that assist her in her job. However, she hides most of these irregularities underneath a long sleeved dress, leaving only her head and shoulders for all to see, which, by all indications is that of an exquisitely beautiful human from the east. She relies on her precious bugs to track marks, and indeed her powers allow her to turn every spinarak and butterfree in a city into a potential spy searching for the unfortunate soul that she is hunting down.

Eshtavi Ky'nda: The only psychic in the guild, Eshtavi is a former Carthaki slave who escaped her bonds thanks to her abilities to move objects with her mind, teleport, and read thoughts. She quickly established herself as one of the best spies in Carthak and was approached by Thorrenson after several years of espionage. As a bounty hunter, she uses her psychic abilities to gather information and track targets, ferreting out information even from her mark's most trusted friends and allies. She uses a variety of pokemon that help her nullify her opponent's ability to fight back, from her sleep-inducing hypno to her wall-building Mr. Mime. Eshtavi is the newest member of the Stoutland Six, having only been a member for two years. However, she's proved herself quite effective during that time, and has quickly been establishing herself in the international circuit as one of the most talented psychics around.

Garth Harriot: Having grown up in the Achaemian Empire, Garth is the 'local' of the group. As a master of aerial combat and flying type pokemon, Garth uses superior mobility to track down and locate targets. He works best tracking targets that are on the run and in the wilderness, where his unique vantage point from the sky gives him an edge in finding his target. However, Garth is generally considered the weakest of the six, even though he ranks in the middle of the pack in terms of combat powers. While he's still excellent at his job and a world-class bounty hunter, he doesn't have the unique skills of the other five that really allow for high level tracking. However, tell that to his face and you'll be forced to deal with his extremely loyal salamence.

The Tailor: As with most Copycat individuals, nobody is truly sure who The Tailor really is, their gender, their history, or anything at all. Tailor searched out Thorrenson themself and, through an elaborate scheme, showed that a former member was less than loyal to the group. Their abilities lend themselves to hunting those who have political asylum, are hiding with loyal friends, or other situations in which impersonation is a useful tool. The Tailor has been a member of the guild for 52 years, eclipsing even the guildmaster in terms of length of service. Nobody knows where the Tailor goes in between jobs, but their skills put them as perhaps the most unique of all the six members.

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