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Welcome to Aatos, a world where kings rule, knights roam, psychics bend the world to their will, empires rise and fall, and beasts roam the wilderness. These beasts are called Pokemon, and they both kill and are killed by humans. They come in many forms, with many appearances, and are used in all parts of Aatos, from agriculture to trade to warfare. Welcome to a world of dragons and sea serpents, a world of moving forests and living boulders, a world of pokemon.

Aatos is setting for Pokemon Tabletop players. It facilitates both Pokemon Tabletop Adventures (PTA) and Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU). Aatos is set in a much less technologically advanced (read medieval) time period, and has a very different theme from many other Pokemon settings, including canon. I'd like to be clear that this setting is not simply Forgotten Realms with pokemon in place of monsters. Aatos is a world built for pokemon and around pokemon. Feel free to use this setting in a Pokemon tabletop game if you want to, and enjoy the two great systems. I drew inspiration from many different sources including the real world, ancient history, movies, fantasy books, and music. Feel free to PM me on giantitp if you decide to use this setting and let me know how it goes.



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