While some seek to research the natural world, the Soothsayer has decided to focus his studies on the supernatural. He has discovered many connections between events as they happen to the signs of what is to come, and is able to make educated readings of a day's events using what some would call sorcery. However, he has no special powers of his own, only the ability to understand the powers that be in the world.

Though Soothsayers are not especially common in Aatos, they are not unheard of. One famous soothsayer is the Oracle of Phoebus from Ningal. Her powers seem to have expanded beyond the norm for Soothsayers, and her prophecies present complicated riddles with profound implications. People of great importance have often consulted the Oracle of Phoebus during dire situations, or when they are on the brink of great battles. Most Soothsayers do not achieve this level of fame, but oftentimes work locally in their city.

Stat +1 Wisdom
Prerequisite Researcher, familiar with fortune telling skills, 18 WIS
Base Features Reading the Entrails, Sacrificial Offering

Reading the Entrails
Daily. Trainer Action. League Illegal.
Effect: At the beginning of a day, you may ready an augury of the day's events by whatever process of fortune telling you so choose. This augur is able to predict weather patterns, or unusual pokemon migration patterns or swarms in your area. If you specify a person in your reading, you may gain a small insight into their personality. If you specify a pokemon in your reading, you find out whether they are wild or not, and how loyal they are to their trainer if they are owned.

Sacrificial Offering
Daily. Trainer Action. League Illegal.
Effect: You may make a small sacrifice of food, money, or objects to attempt to change a day's augury. Make the sacrifice and roll 1d20+WIS modifier. If the roll is successful, the outcome of the Augury's weather or pokemon swarm pattern changes, although you have no control over how it changes.

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