A clan of ancient warriors in the mountains, Reilians guard the Land of the Gods, or the hiding place of the dragons, and have defended it for generations. Not much is known about them, as few people go into the mountains and return to tell the tale.

Regional History: The meeting point of the Iskander mountains has been the home of the Reilia Clan for longer than history can record. It is said that they guard the sanctuary of dragons where almost all draconic pokemon visit at least once in their lifetime, and it is the home of more than one draconic legend. Many times an invasion of foreigners to capture these powerful creatures has come to their doorstep, but with the clans intimate knowledge of the land and powerful pokemon, all attempts have been repelled.

Culture: Reilians venerate all dragon-type pokemon as the supreme beings of power, especially dragon-type legendaries. By taming and using them in battle, they become the ultimate protectors of their homeland. They roam through the mountains, keeping out intruders, and living off the land to survive. They live in a rough world where wild pokemon don't hesitate to attack humans on their land. Only the strong survive in Reilia. The weak inevitably die from hunger, ambush, or sickness. The people of the Reilia clan have reasons for fighting off intruders. They are the appointed guardians of the Land of Gods, which is the home of two of the most powerful pokemon in existence: Dialga and Palkia. They guard these two's home from intrusion and people who would want to steal their power. They took the duty on proudly, and continue to perform it to their best, taking pride in being the chosen ones of such important beings.

Members of the clan roam together through the mountains in groups of 20-30 people depending on the strength of those in the group. Their routes through the mountains are set by the Voice so all the land of their territory gets covered. The individual units also stay connected during the commune with the Voice, which functions both as a meeting with their leader and a chance for clan members to talk when they haven't seen each other in a long time. Units exchange members regularly so individuals get the chance to meet and bond with the clan as a whole, not simply their first group.

Geography: All of Reilia is located in the Iskander Mountain range. These tall peaks reach to the clouds, and are inhabited by a large variety of vicious pokemon, and dragons with tempers. The days are hot, the heat draining on the stamina of those who choose to wander the peaks while the nights are incredibly frigid. Having a fire at night in Reilia is a necessity, but fires draw the attention of hunters, so copious amounts of watchers are necessary for any one individual camp, and Reilians learn to sleep light so they can react quickly to attacks on their camps. The clan roams the mountain ranges whenever possible looking for signs of fire that are sure to give away the position of anybody trespassing on the sacred ground of the Iskander Mountains. They send fliers overhead to check the identity of the intruders. Clan members also throw scented packets in their fires to alert other groups. They use the terrain to their advantage, hiding behind rocks silently until they attack without warning to wipe out their enemies with powerful dragon attacks.

Demographics The clan of Reilia has remained the same clan for many years. They are large enough that intermarriage is not an issue, but by no means are they a monolithic force. They view themselves as one people, connected to each other by a common leader, the Voice, and their shared mission to protect the Land of the Gods from those who would seek to desecrate it. Few people leave the clan, those who do are forever forgotten and are neither talked about nor considered part of the families of the clan.

Economy: None.

Politics and Government: The Reilia Clan is led by the Voice, who communicates with the clan through evening fires. He (or she) is the lawmaker, the judge, and the spiritual leader of the clan who resides in the Land of the Gods. Every night the voice communes with the all the members of the clan by creating a link of wild magic between the voice and his tribe members. This allows him to learn what transpired during the day, important events, settle disputes, and discuss issues that have arisen inside the clan. Unfortunately, this link takes a heavy toll on the Voice's body, and their life expectancy are considerably shorter than other Reilians.

Pokemon: Viscious rock, steel, and ice type pokemon roam the mountains, with fossil mons being especially prevalent. Dragon types (and psuedo-dragons like charizard) inhabit the Land of Gods and take hunting trips into the mountains to eat rhydons, steelixes, and abamasnows. The pokemon in Reilia are extremely aggressive and territorial. They aren't afraid to attack humans on their land, though the weaker ones have learned to leave clan members alone.

Important People:
Claire: The first female voice, Claire is a charismatic woman with a quick mind and a quicker temper. She, like all other voices, is a talented aura user, and her dragonite is fearsome in battle. Claire has served as the Voice for over fifteen years. The strain of creating the wild magic link has been taking its toll on her, and she has begun to weaken. Not many people have noticed, but every day her link takes a little longer to form each night.

Important Areas:
Land of the Gods: Only the most senior Reilian clan-members know where the Land of the Gods is hidden. It is a land where an extremely large amount of dragon type pokemon congregate, and is rumored to be the current home of Dialga and Palkia. The clans are dedicated to keeping it hidden, so they hunt down any intruders on their land to ensure they don't stumble upon the Land of Gods accidentally.

Plots and Rumors:
The dragons in the Land of the Gods are anxious. Nobody is sure why, but they are looking for a champion to undertake some kind of odyssey. Not even the Voice knows more than that, though she has begun to search for a suitable candidate from among her people.

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