Changes to Ranger and its advanced classes.

The rangers are a specialized police force in __ who possess the ability to influence a pokemon's mental stat through the use of a styler. Stylers are foot long wands covered in runes that, when used, emit a glowing tail of light.

Ranger: Dragonite Bus no longer exists.

Coach: In Aatos, only coaches from version 1.31 exist, but there are no changes to that class.

Commander: No changes.

Detective: No changes.

Rider: No changes.

Signer: No changes.

Special Operatoins: The styler upgrades for Special Operations are small gems embedded in the wood of a styler.
Rebreather: The rebreather is a small necklace of silver with inscriptions on it. It gets gradually duller through use, if used for the full time, it requires polishing with special ointment for it to be used again. The process takes three hours.

Survivalist: No changes.

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