Ptu Splatbooks

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One topic that bears heavy discussion when thinking about running a PTU game in Aatos lies on the subject of splatbooks. This page will focus on looking at the various splatbooks, their viability and potential usefulness in Aatos, and what information should be completely disregarded. The two splatbooks that I will discuss here are Game of Throhs and The Blessed and the Damned. Since Do Porygons Dream of Mareep? is a book on science fiction pokemon games, it has no place in Aatos, and I won't really discuss it.

Game of Throhs

As the splatbook for medieval/fantasy campaigns, it makes sense that Game of Throhs would be applicable in a world like Aatos. Indeed, large portions of the book are; however, Aatos was created long before this splatbook, and many of my conceptualizations extend beyond or in different directions than what is presented in that book. In general, most of the crunch is completely applicable, but fluff is treated with a much more critical eye.

If trying to define Aatos by the standards that Game of Throhs sets, Aatos is a high fantasy world that can fill any of the five genre types except for Steampunk depending on which bit of the world your characters are located. It should be noted that my take on Arabian fantasy differs from The Black Glove's interpretation (while it is still city focused, journeys into the wild aren't nearly as impossible in Aatos as in TBG's descriptions). I suppose the Frozen Wastes are a closer analog to the hyper-survival genre of this book's Arabian Fantasy portrayal if venturing out into the wilds, while most of them will be focused around the single city in the region.

In general, disregard all of the information presented on how pokemon and items might be refluffed or otherwise changed to fit into Aatos. Instead, you should reference the PTU Items and Pokemon pages. As for his discussion on magic sources, look no further than the Magic page to see how Aatos handles that particular aspect of the world. The example campaign settings at the end of the book are similarly not applicable, as this is its own campaign setting, much more fleshed out than could be approached in a splatbook not designed specifically as a campaign setting. As for Alchemy, it isn't used in Aatos. Instead, see relics, which fill largely the same role (in fact, all given alchemy objects could easily be relics). For information on the magic behind relics, check out the history page.

Mechanically, the vast majority of things in the book are wonderfully relevant to Aatos. Classes, features, and items are all great additions for you to use in your game. GMs will have to work with the traps section, since its missing information on how to spot/disarm these traps. Aside from the canon, the siege weapons are all good additions for a warfare oriented game.

The Blessed and the Damned

This book is on religion and religious icons in the pokeverse. As with Game of Throhs much of the fluff information isn't particularly relevant to Aatos, which has its own distinct religion page, which differs greatly from how the developers conceived of the legendaries. Many of my deities fill extremely different roles than the book describes, leading to much of the book's first half simply not being applicable. In addition, all of the noncanonical deities included (Missingno and the Outer Gods) don't exist, and the Unknown Hivemind isn't a deity at all, but simply a powerful force that has appropriated the Obsidian Towers of Carthak.

Unfortunately, much of the crunch in the book is integrally tied to the single fluff option provided in the book. Depending on the legendary, many of the minor/major/pact gifts of Touched may need to be redesigned. I strongly recommend working closely with your DM to come up with something appropriate. Thankfully, all of the mechanics not strictly tied to legendary fluff works beautifully, and the system of combating gods works well if your GM decides to go that route with the game. Overall, this book's usefulness will depend on the campaign, but, with a little work, it can be beautifully adapted to Aatos's world.

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