Ptu Archetypes

Class Archetypes are a homebrew concept introduced by Bloodmonkey in this thread. An Archetype is not a class itself, but rather a collection of alternate features to be taken inside of an already existing class in replacement of other features, thus changing the flavor of the class and creating more options without adding more classes themselves. Each feature listed in an Archetype has a companion feature in one of the official classes; the Archetype feature is taken in the place of the official feature. The Archetype feature counts as the original feature for all purposes (namely prerequisites, including counting as a class feature of the original class). However, once a character enters into an Archetype, they cannot take features that would otherwise be replaced by that Archetype. In essence, those features have been permanently replaced by Archetype feature and are now unavailable to the character. If the character retrains the Archetype entry feature (which requires all other features from that Archetype to be retrained as well) then they are no longer bound by those features unless they require the Archetype.

The Battle Seer is a psychic who has forgone the shadowy arts of omens and auguries for much more practical skills. Choosing instead to use their skills to enhance their own battle power, Battle Seers hold the power to see shortly ahead in battle. They can see shadows from a single person, potential movements and actions that the Battle Seer's enemy might take. This allows Battle Seers to react more quickly to enemy attacks and strike spots where they know their enemy will be as opposed to where they are now.

Mika Hale from Sarn is a powerful psychic who has developed Battle Seer abilities to defend herself when assassins come knocking on her front step, as often happens the the leaders of the major banking institutions.

Battle Seer
[Clairvoyant Archetype][+1 Special Attack, +1 HP]
Replaces: Scry
Prerequisites: Clairvoyant
Bind 1 AP - Standard Action
Effect: As a free action you may assign one trainer or pokemon as your Subject, and you can see the Subject's movements an instant before he or she makes them. You may either treat your evasion as X higher when the Subject makes attacks against you, or you may add X to your attack rolls when attacking the Subject. X is half of your perception rank. You must choose which effect to use when you bind this feature.

Vision of War
[+1 Special Attack, +1 HP]
Replaces: Augury
Prerequisites: Clairvoyant, Master Perception
2 AP
Trigger: Your subject misses an attack against you when you have increased your evasion against him or her, or you hit your Subject when you have increased your accuracy against them.
Effect: If the Subject missed you when you have bound the evasion bonus, you may make a struggle attack or at will move against the Subject as a free action. If you strike your Subject with a bound accuracy bonus, that attack becomes a critical hit.

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