PTA Items

This page is dedicated to the fluff and/or mechanical changes in various items throughout the Pokemon universe. This is mostly due to the exponentially lower technology levels in Aatos than the assumed canon Pokemon world.

Apricorns: Not many changes here. Apricorns are the only material used to make pokeballs aside from magic and carving knives. Since I'm too lazy to assign every ball a color, just know that all pokeballs are made from apricorns. Plain Apricorns are used for basic, great, and ultra balls.

Armor: A new type of item in Aatos, Armor protects people and pokemon from damage at the expense of speed and maneuverability. $3,000 + $100/level of the armor.

Basic Items: Since spray bottles don't exist, many items have changed into either tags of cloth painted with intricate healing symbols or traditional medieval magical potions. These must be touched to or drunk by the pokemon/person in question for them to take effect. The tags are resistant to mundane forms of ripping, but most Pokemon attacks will render them useless. Potion vials break as per normal glass. Items converted into this form include the potions, repels, revives, ethers, elixirs, status healers, and performance enhancers like X-Attack.

Held Items:
Cell Battery: Now a lightning rod, same effect and price.
Dubious Disk, and UpGrade no longer exist.

Housing is a large concern in Aatos. Oftentimes houses are passed down through the generations whether it be a farmhouse or one room in a city building. Inns offer stays to travellers in most cities and villages. Military officers generally live in a keep or palace of some kind with those who direct their actions, and soldiers on duty get free housing in the barracks. Most nobles have a room at their royal palace waiting for them free of charge. House servants usually live with their master, either in slave/servant quarters or out in the barn.

Type of Housing Cost
Farmhouse with 1 acre land 750
One Room in City 1,000
Shop with Flat 5,000
Manor House 20,000
Small Castle with Wall 35,000
Barn Floor, no meal 0
Inn with room/board 5

Mega Stones and Accessories: Mega Rings/Bangles and their associated stones are relics of the Vardamir Empire, and thus cannot be purchased, but instead found (usually in ancient ruins) or stolen.

Pokeballs: Pokeballs are no longer the metal hunks of machinery they once were. Instead they are now elegant wooden spheres, carved from apricorns by master smiths. Mystic symbols are etched into the surface, and when holding a Pokemon, the lines dully glow golden. Pokeballs are roughly the size of a baseball. If intentionally targeted and dealt at least 100 damage, the pokeball will break, and any Pokemon stored inside will perish. AOE moves do not affect pokeballs.

Pokedexes and Pokegears: These do not exist (yes I know that takes away level possibilities. Your GM should be giving you story levels when playing in Aatos). Unless you've studied in a library or such, you won't have information on the Pokemon you're fighting. Messages are carried by bird Pokemon or, if very important, by a trained messenger on a flying mount.

Pokemon Centers/Marts: These do not exist. See Trainer items for healing prices from local magicians. There are no wal-marts here, you'll have to go to small specialty stores. Marketplaces have several vendors grouped together selling most everything you would need and are found in most cities and towns.

Relics: Magical items that survived the fall of the Vardamir Empire, relics are rare and coveted objects. These items grant capabilities and powers that can't be gained from any other source. They range in power from weak trinkets to artifacts that shape the development of the world today. The less powerful objects can be found in most cities of a good size by a dealer who specializes in them, but they don't come cheap. While stats on various relics are on their way, some examples include flying carpets, rings granting minor telekinesis, swords that can attack at range, and teleportation devices that can travel anywhere in the world.

TMs and HMs: TMs and HMs are no longer syringes. Instead, they are rituals performed by a person. It involves the Pokemon standing in a circle with intricate designs on the inside. For very large Pokemon, this circle is painted on their hides. The cost buys a collection of gem dust and incense necessary for the magic. HMs are tattoo kits. Pokemon are left with a small but permanent tattoo that grants them the ability to use the move in question.

Trainer Items: The 'General Items' and 'Town Services' do not exist. Healers in towns will heal trainers and Pokemon on average for $100 for any non-fainted Pokemon or human, $200 for a fainted mon or human, and $200 to recharge center moves. These healers aren't everywhere however, sometimes you just have to know when to avoid a fight.

Weapons: Weapons purchased from an Artificer costs $3,000 + $50/level of the weapon.

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