PTA Classes

Many classes in PTA have been refluffed, changed significantly, or dropped from PTA in Aatos. I've also included homebrew advanced classes for base classes to fill in the holes that some base classes have (notably Researcher). Below are the listed changes.

Homebrew Classes

Soothsayer - A homebrew advanced class for Researcher focused on fortune telling. Originally from Paradox Haze.

Wild Magic Advanced Classes: These are a series of homebrew classes that use Wild Magic (practitioners of Wild Magic are known as Elementalists). They are not linked to any specific base classes (as Aura User, the other Wild Magic advanced class is) but instead have basic prerequisites that any trainer can meet. Also, each advanced class operates off a stat known as a 'primary stat.' Each advanced class has at least two options for primary stats. A player must choose which primary stat they will use when taking the class, and that stat will affect their features. The Wild Magic Classes are:

Manifester - An Elementalist that creates artificial pokemon out of elements for a short amount of time to fight for him. A Manifester's primary stat can be Wis, Cha, or Con.
Primevalist - An Elementalist that harnesses the powers of space, time, and sound. A Primevalist's primary stat can be Str, Dex, Con, or Cha
Magus - An Elementalist with versatile powers ranging from ordered healing to chaotic destruction. A Magus's primary stat can be Int, Wis, or Cha.

Changes to Canon Classes

Trainer Features:
League Member - This feature no longer exists as Aatos has neither gyms nor a Battle Frontier.

Ace Trainer/Advanced Classes:
Ace Trainer - Beast Master: The prerequisite for this feature is no longer having 8 badges, but instead being recognized, either formally or informally, by an authority figure on your battle prowers. You can also qualify for the feature by defeating all 8 gyms in Elba.

Type Ace
Elemental Sync/Shift: These are special uses of symbol magic that Type Ace's use to change the type of their pokemon. When permanently changing a pokemon's type, their hide becomes covered in mystic, sometimes glowing runes.

Breeder/Advanced Classes:
Botanist - Botanists use symbol magic to increase the growth of plants in addition to their skills in breeding Pokemon. Instead of a portable berry planter, you're purchasing a ritual druid bowl. No mechanical changes.

Groomer - Requirement for class changed to the original prerequisite OR having 2 Pokemon with at least a value of 10 at least one contest stat due to extreme rarity of contests.

Capture Specialist/Advanced Classes:
Capture Specialist - Instead of mechanics, Capture Specialists are a type of symbol magic practitioners that specialize in the symbols that harness the power that restrains Pokemon in apricorns in addition to being more adept at capturing Pokemon.

Member's Discount: This applies not to Pokemarts, (as they don't exist,) but instead to any stores of a particular merchants guild.
Pokeball Repair: Instead of a Pokeball repair kit, you buy a set of precision knives.

Artificer - Instead of being a tools guru, the Artificer is instead a master enchanter. Artificer weapons accompany all the great warriors into battle, as they are of the highest quality in all of Aatos.

Engineer - Much of the Engineer is redesigned from mechanical genius to tattooing themselves with unique symbols on their arms and faces that grant them unique abilities. They are also skilled golem-crafters and shipwrights.

Pokedex Modifications: The special tattoo runs in a loop around one of the Engineer's eyes. The tattoos of Scanner are layered on top of this to make an pattern of loops around one eye. In order for these tattoos to be effective, the eye must be uncovered.

Mech Arm: A tattoo similar in many respects to the Snagger's tattoo, one of the Engineer's arms is covered from shoulder to wrist with interlocking tattoo chains that grant him increased strength. It cannot replace a lost arm, and the magical forces emitted by the tattoo increase your effective gravity by 40 lvs. More tattoos are layered on top of this one and extend it to the Engineers hand when they take these features: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, Drill Run, Pokeball Arm Cannon, Raft Arm, and Weapon Arm. For any of these features to function, the arm must be uncovered to the elbow.

Hacker: The hacker feature does not exist.

Pokeball Traps: This tattoo builds upon the eye tattoo that all Engineers have and extends it down to his mouth. You make the connection with a Pokeball by making small carvings on it to match the tattoos on your eye. The magic gathered allows you to see through the Pokeball, among other things.

Pokebots: Engineers also possess the ability to make homunculi from materials like wood, metal, and stone. These sculptures come to life with the aid of special carvings on their surface. The computer upgrade does not exist, and the self destruct types available are grass, steel, and rock.

Vehicle Builder: Though this hasn't changed any, know you can't make things like cars, motorcycles, or trains. This should be common sense, but it needs to be said.

Pokeball Designer - The Pokeball designer is a master of intricate carvings that enhance the magic of apricorns to a degree that others can't possibly imagine.

Snagger - There are no snag machines or loyalty meters in Aatos, instead Snaggers get intricate tattoos along one of their arms in much the same way that Engineers get arm tattoos. These tattoos are done with pigments infused with great power. In order for Snagger features to be used, the tattooed arm must be revealed up to their elbow.

Symbol Features: Any Snagger feature whose name begins with 'shadow' have been changed slightly in both fluff and mechanics. The word 'shadow' is replaced with 'symbol' and the attacks now draw on the symbol magic of the Snagger's tattoos. Also, these moves no longer lower loyalty of pokemon.

Trapper - A user of very specific symbols, Trappers are famous in Aatos for actively pursuing game in the most dangerous reaches of the world.

Nintey-Caliber Net: Instead of a cannon, you pay to get a tattoo on the palm of your hand that allows you to telekinetically throw weighted nets.

Tranquilizer: Instead of a rifle, you buy a blowgun covered in symbols that posses the ability to put Pokemon to sleep.

Coordinators/Advanced Classes:
Beauty Modeler - Due to lack of widespread contests in Aatos, every ribbon in the class prerequisites is replaced by having one Pokemon with a 12 beauty stat.

Cool Trainer - Due to lack of widespread contests in Aatos, every ribbon in the class prerequisites is replaced by having one Pokemon with a 12 cool stat.

Cute Idol - Due to lack of widespread contests in Aatos, every ribbon in the class prerequisites is replaced by having one Pokemon with a 12 cute stat.

Smart Teacher - Due to lack of widespread contests in Aatos, every ribbon in the class prerequisites is replaced by having one Pokemon with a 12 smart stat.

Tough Guy - Due to lack of widespread contests in Aatos, every ribbon in the class prerequisites is replaced by having one Pokemon with a 12 tough stat.

Mystic/Advanced Classes
Touched - Touched loses the requirement "Has allied a Legendary Pokemon"

Soothing Song: Target is now any Pokemon and it heals only 50 HP.

Ranger/Advanced Classes
The Rangers are a specialized police force in Galla who possess the ability to influence a Pokemon's mental stat through the use of a styler. Stylers are foot-long wands covered in runes that emit a tail of light when used. The Ranger base class and any advanced classes that use the styler should only be used in Galla, as that is the only place they are found. Some ranger advanced classes are open to all nationalities, but only if CC into. This is because the specific style of symbol magic in Galla is jealously guarded.

Ranger -

Portal: This feature is a refluffed and mechanically changed version of Dragonite Bus. Your styler is inscribed with secret runes that are constantly shifting. They allow you to expend an incredible amount of magic from the wand in order to create a one way portal that leads to any location in Galla. You may take along a number of people through the portal equal to your charisma modifier. Anything medium sized can fit through this portal, and it lasts for one minute, or until the maximum number of people have passed through, whichever comes first. This feature consumes so much magic that your styler becomes useless for one hour, and this feature cannot be used for at least one week. Only the most trusted officers recieve these runes, as they are remnants from the Vardamir Empire.

Coach - In Aatos, only coaches from version 1.31 exist, but there are no changes to that class.

Special Operations - The styler upgrades for Special Operations are small gems embedded in the wood of a styler.

Rebreather: The rebreather is a small necklace of silver with inscriptions on it. It gradually dulls through use, if used for the full time, it requires polishing with special ointment for it to be used again. The process takes three hours.

Researcher/Advanced Classes
Dream Doctor - Dream Doctors have been refluffed entirely. Instead of buying and using a Portable Dream Machine, you instead buy a diamond sphere. Symbol magic runes cover the sphere, which is filled with dream smoke in order to facilitate the use of Dream Doctor's features. A Dream Doctor uses this magic to transport a Pokemon's mind into the sphere when it dreams.

Pokewalker: The Pokewalker is now a small, perfectly cut gemstone.

Petrologist -

Reanimator: The kit you buy is a collection of tools and ingredients necessary for the ritual to reanimate fossils.

Slated for Renovation: Since TNT does not exist, you explosives are small balls filled with flammable oil taken from fire type Pokemon. Some kind of flame is necessary to use this feature.

Photographer - Due to the change in setting and it's refluffings not fitting into my image of Aatos, I have removed the Photogropher class entirely from the system.

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