Wild magic is one of the most interesting forces in Aatos, and the Primevalist is no exception. They create a bond with the fabric of the universe that Dialga and Palkia created during the beginning of the universe. They control the power of time and space in order to launch powerful attacks and channel the same energy that many dragons use in battle. In combat Primevalists usually attack from a range while using their time control powers to ruin any weapons that their opponents brought with them to the war zone.

Almost all Primevalists' patron gods are dragon-types, and the vast majority choose to pay special attention to Dialga and Palkia - the beings of time and space that Primevalists control. Primevalists are quite rare throughout Aatos. The highest concentrations are found in Reilia, where the people have an intrinsic connection with those two beings. Even there, Primevalists are a special occurrence, and the evolution of one is a matter of celebration for the tribes.

Prerequisites: 16 primary stat (Str, Dex, Con, Cha), Knowledge of and training in Wild Magic, 3 Dragon or Normal pokemon, at least 1 of which must be Dragon
Bonuses: +1 primary stat

At-Will - Drains 3 of user's HP per use.
Target: Trainer or Pokemon.
Effect: Use the Move Twister. Use your primary stat modifier as your SP.ATK stat.

At-Will - Drains 3 of user's HP per use.
Target: Self.
Effect: Use the move Foresight.

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