Pokemon are an integral part of Aatos. They make the world go round, whether it be farming, trade, warfare, or exploration. Pokemon from all five generations exist in Aatos. In fact, the only ones who aren't there are the ones who don't fit into a medieval setting. Some of the canon pokemon have changed dramatically, receiving new fluff, and sometimes statistics. These changes are present in all pokemon of that type, and the original does not exist. Some pokmeon are only pressent in very specific location. These pokemon can be caught in the areas specified. Sometimes, breeders get their hands on a good female specimen, so eggs of these pokemon are usually purchasable for large amounts of money.

This page will also include fluff about pokemon in the world. How does one attain a starter? How common is it for a person to have at least one pokemon? These questions are essential for the integrity of the setting, and I will attempt to address them all here.

I've also added some homebrew into pokemon. I've added some pokemon templates to fill the needs of medieval setting as well as to give mechanical emphasis to some fluff elements. I've also added several fakemon to the Aatos pokedex.

Pokemon in Aatos: Many people in Aatos have a pokemon of some kind. Domesticated pokemon are quite cheap, not very dangerous, and have few violent tendencies. Oftentimes, poor families will keep these pokemon as 'pets', as they do not require as much care or skill as a newly caught wild. Farmers use domesticated water and grass types to increase their harvest, and domestic purrloins roam the barns looking for rodent pokemon. If poor families do have a non domesticated pokemon, it is almost always a treasured family possession, passed down from father to son, as one pokeball is well beyond the price range of the average farmer. Wealthier families have guard pokemon, and their version of 'pets' are well trained, though non domestic pokemon. To these people, pokeballs are a large expenditure, but not unreasonable. To the truly rich, pokeballs are pocket change, and they have trained capturers to get whatever pokemon they desire.

A budding trainer's 'starting' mon is ususally a gift from their parents. They'll either breed some of the pokemon they own or buy a newly hatched specimen for their child. Those who are extremely poor oftentimes go without a pokeball for a while, their pokemon trotting beside them while they travel. Oftentimes, street urchins will steal their first egg as an initiation into adulthood. Some trainers compile a complete team of pokemon without throwing a single pokeball. This is much less efficient than using pokeballs, but it is a viable option for trainers who cannot afford to buy a pokeball.

Mechanical Changes to Pokemon

Pokemon Homebrew

Templates These are templates that can be applied to any pokemon. They allow pokemon to fill roles needed in Aatos, and also provide some mechanical explanations for various types of pokemon.
Corrupted Pokemon These are some of the only pokemon that can be called *truly* evil. They have been overtaken by the dark spirit of Famin. They are ruthless, attacking and killing any human they can lay their hands on. When they strike another pokemon, the condition often spreads to the victim. These pokemon are rare in most of the world, with the sole exception of Serrin, where the spirit of Famin resides.
Domesticated Pokemon A template that weakens pokemon and dumbs them down considerably, the domesticated template is applied to pokemon that are specially bred to lack skill in battle. These pokemon are instead used for their meat, labor, or friendship. They are considerably cheaper to attain, and much easier to control.
Giant Pokemon Pokemon with the giant template have undergone a natural, though extremely rare, mutation that magnifies their size and power. Only Donphan have this template with any sort of commonality.
Warbred Pokemon Bred to be violent and powerful, these pokemon are rare and valuable. They are bred to be able to handle the rigors of organized war better than their normal companions. Unlike wild pokemon, they follow instructions from their trainer and lack personality. They are larger, stronger, and oftentimes trained to wear armor. They are extremely expensive and hatch very slowly however, and are generally used only in elite military forces.

Fakemon I chose to include these fakemon in Aatos for a variety of different reasons. Some serve to replace the pokemon eliminated from the canon set, while others fill a role I was looking for in the places I created, and others I simply liked for their design or thematic aspects. These fakemon are meant to give Aatos both a mechanical and fluff aspect lacking in the canon and further distinguish it as its own setting. I did not create any of these fakemon, though I have adapted them for use in the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures system and to Aatos itself.

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