Countries and governments aren't the only places in Aatos where people come together in an organized fashion. Hundreds upon thousands of guilds, cults, societies, and orders exist throughout the world of Aatos. Some are committed to keeping the world a good place, while others would like nothing better than to see it burn. Some are looking for a quick buck, while others are only concerned with exploring the world. Chances are that any person will be influenced by these institutions in some way, even if they don't choose to participate in them themselves. These organizations provide valuable connections and services that people could not obtain on their own.

Here is a small sampling of some of the more important and influential organizations in Aatos. Players are welcome to use these when making characters, or at least keep them in mind. However, this is by no means all the institutions out there. Those would be too innumerable to place here, but I present you with a few.

Blades of Time
Founded by the man called Chronos, the Blades of Time are a well established mercenary group based in the city of Hayle in Elba. The company almost exclusively takes on young recruits fresh out of the Elban government's training regimen who had achieved some modicum of success. The company is has been receiving an increasing amount of name recognition among the higher ups in various government organizations, and they quickly became the leading mercenary company in the Lake Lyra area due to high quality recruits, charismatic leaders, and guaranteed results. They often serve as a supplement to the main army or as special forces that target tactically important sites.

The Blades of Time have been slowly absorbing the best warriors and leaders of other mercenary companies into their ranks. Though this has created some internal tensions, the leaders of the integrated groups have prevented any skirmishes from emerging and smoothing out the transition. Almost certainly the reason the great leaders of other companies have joined is due to Chronos. He is the legendary undefeated former Gym of Elba who retired to live a more free life. He formed the Blades of Time to keep his life interesting and to let him experience the thrills of war that he could not experience while in Elba. He is widely respected, and he often personally leads troops into battle. The Blades of Time are an increasingly influential force in the world, and they often tip the scales between victory and defeat in war.


The Bloody Hand
The Bloody Hand is an assassins guild located in Carthak. The group is led by a man named Takaa who was trained in the ninja arts, and he leads the organization from the slums of Kafrmietta. Though he is the leader of the group, he answers to a higher power - the grand vizier Brafar. Brafar uses the group both as his secret police and personal killers. Gradually, he has used them to destabilize the rule of the Abdulai line. They are behind more than a few surreptitious killings that were later attributed to the Barrir tribesmen and used as evidence to begin the civil war that has consumed the nation. These killings both allow Brafar to gradually leech more and more power away from the Pharaoh and simultaneously kill off those who vocally oppose him.

The Bloody hand draws in multiple street urchins to their cause and trains them up to be ruthless killers. Others are given the skills to dominate the black market dealings, and still others pick up burglary as their hobby. The organization is all part of Brafar's master plans: if he can control the scum of society as well as the nobility, he can seize the royal scepter from the royal family and take power for himeslf.

The Circle
A secret group of thirteen individuals who have mastered the arts of Wild Magic, The Circle's members are a mystery, and not many people know anything about the group except that it exists. Above all, the organization seeks to keep balance in the wild magic in the world. To prevent any one part of the fabric of the universe from taking over the others. They generally don't require that much funding for their efforts, as they prefer to act as individuals performing missions rather than hiring others to do work for them. They constantly travel the world, searching for imbalances, and focusing on the larger problems present in the wild magic's imbalances.

The two most pressing concerns of the Circle at this point in time are the encroachment of the Frozen Wastes southward, and the activities of the Ring of Shadows. The former concern is that the increasing amount of ice in the world is creating a large imbalance in the world between fire and ice. Such a physical imbalance has heavy impact on the stability of wild magic in the world, and the rapid supremacy of one force could lead the the destruction of all life not connected to the ice through a bond of wild magic. Currently three or four mages of the Circle are in the Frozen Wastes searching for the cause of the changes and attempting to rectify the developing imbalances in the area. As for the Ring of Shadows, the Circle views their actions of creating corrupted pokemon as inexcusable. Corrupted pokemon are, at a base, wild magic warped out of its original form to serve a twisted force. Circle members are constantly seeking out cells of the Ring of Shadows and doing their best to eliminate the humans and purify the corruptions. However, for now they are fighting a losing battle. There are too many cultists and not enough Circle Members. Their forces are spread thin between the two goals, and they cannot effectively counter either. Still, the Circle has been incredibly important in protecting the world from the rampaging of forces that threatened the balance for a millenia, and they will continue to fight for their cause.

The Conclave
The Conclave is an adventuring guild that spans the breadth of Aatos. It is a loosely based organization with little formal leadership, but instead operates under a series of universal rules that apply in all guildhouses across the country. Each guildhouse has a job board from which adventurers licensed with the guild can take jobs from. Each job is ranked from I-V, with the increasing number signalling an increasing difficulty, but also a better payout. Common jobs include hiring on as guards for a caravan, obtaining a specific species of wild pokemon, and serving as bodyguards. Not all job listings are strictly legal, but the individual guildhouses ensure that nothing too immoral gets put up on the board. The Conclave takes 10% of each commission, and charges an annual charge to stay members. Members are marked with symbol magic to prove their membership, which fades after a year has passed.

As an organization, the Conclave is not as influential as others, but it fills a very important function in Aatos. It connects customers willing to pay for services that they could not accomplish themselves with trainers who are willing to work for a living and hone their skills. The government is not responsible for many issues, mercenary companies are usually more suited to large scale hiring, so when merchants need individuals or small groups, their individual guilds put up an advertisement at the Conclave. The issue gets solved, money changes hands, and life goes on. The Conclave is one of the premier locations for new trainers to get their feet off the ground and leave their previous life behind them.

Ring of Shadows
The Ring of Shadows is a secret society that has dedicated itself to bringing about the 'inevitable' rule of Famin and his corrupted minions. Founded shortly after the sealing of Arceus and Famin in the Beacon, this society supports itself through a variety of activities ranging from perfectly legitimate to despicable. Assassination, information gathering, magical research, and natural resource gathering support the organizations finances which are liberally used to contribute to their plans - the conversion of as many pokemon as they can into Corrupted Pokemon.

The cultists in the Ring of Shadows revere corrupted pokemon as the children of their dark god. The highest members of the Ring of Shadows are all expert scholars or practitioners of wild magic, which they have used to define and replicate the dark link of wild magic that connects the corrupted ones with their dark master. They spend a considerable amount of time and money transforming captured wild pokemon into corrupted pokemon, which they strategically release into places where they will breed and multiply. Some cultists have also developed techniques that give them limited communication and control over the corrupted pokemon.

The Ring of Shadows operates as a group of disconnected cells. Each cell has knowledge of their individual cell, but not of any of the other cells actions, nor of their superiors. Each cell has its own goals and missions that they carry out. Some focus on raising money and recruiting, while others concentrate on the creation and dismemberment of corrupted pokemon. Still others conduct research into the nature of wild magic. The Ring also employs a variety of people with useful talents that have no idea of the forces they are working for. The upper echelons of the Ring of Shadows consist of filthy rich merchants, masters of wild magic, accomplished assassins, and acclaimed scholars. These keep the individual cells in check and organize the cells so that their actions contribute smoothly to the larger group.

The Ring of Shadows has an unusually high number of Elementalists in their forces. They make a habit of finding and converting those who show potential in the art to their cause. These practitioners of wild magic are essential in creating and controlling the corrupted pokemon, and eventually to the freeing of Famin.

Organizations in your Campaign
Unless your players are going to be completely isolated from the rest of the world, they are going to develop relations (either positive or negative) with some organizations throughout their adventures in Aatos. Whether they are working for a government or agency or have found themselves on the wrong side of a large group, these organizations can provide a framework in a campaign in which your characters operate. If you've established that the PCs have had bad experiences with mercenaries from the Blades of Time, you can later use that information as a springboard for creating campaign arcs and antagonists for your characters. Alternatively, in an evil campaign your characters may be trying to summon Famin and then steal its power, becoming some of the most powerful beings in the world. In this case they'd work inside an organization, furthering its goals while all the while retaining their own agendas. Don't limit yourself to the organizations here. Each country has a bunch of organizations mentioned and described that you can pull on, and creating your own organizations will let you customize them to your campaigns needs.

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