The land of Ohtar is mysterious and strange place. Most of the nation contains itself inside the Forest of Ohtar, which teems with massive numbers of wild pokemon. Despite this, Ohtans manage to live relatively peacefully with the wilds. They live in accordance with nature and take care not to disturb the delicate balance that mother earth has established. Outside the forest are settlements to trade with outsiders who refuse to enter the 'haunted' forest (which is mostly all outsiders.) Ohtar is infamous for having an overwhelming population of mystics, and a hatred of symbol magic that borders on legendary.

Regional History: Ohtar, like many of the other geographically intimidating parts of Iussus, has existed in relative peace for hundreds of years. Though they interact with the outside world, nobody wants to conquer the haunted forest, or has the means to overcome the hordes of pokemon that would swarm any army trying to capture the area. That said, Ohtar has developed a civilized society, even if it is rather odd. And though internal conflicts do happen, the quest for survival and the mysteries of the forest keep any would-be-adventurers busy.

Culture: The most respected ability among Ohtar is the ability to directly communicate with pokemon. Thus, psychics (especially those with the ability to communicate directly with pokemon) and the channeling selee mages have a higher class in society. Mystics sit at the top of the ladder as both a patriarchal class, whose duties involve government and the keeping of balance within the forest. Underneath them are the psychics, almost all of whom are directed into the empathic or telepathic disciplines, who handle healing and defense, with all other poeple in the plebian class of citizens.

The Ohtan people are also notoriously suspicious of symbol magic, especially pokeballs. Though not against the law, people seen to possess pokeballs are socially shunned, suffer from extremely raised prices for poor services, and are generally not welcome inside the forest. This extends, to a lesser extent, to anything involving symbols including potions and TMs. The people of Ohtar are extremely dependent on services and herbal medicine for healing, though luckily most Ohtan raised pokemon find the taste of the bitter medicine quite pleasant. This aversion to symbol magic is extremely unusual in other parts of the world, and stems from an Ohtan prophecy/myth that symbol magic has already, and will in the future, cause the death of Celebi, their sacred god.

Geography: The Forest of Ohtar is the dominating characteristic of Ohtar. A mix of forest, mist, and marsh, the Forest of Ohtar is sometimes called the 'Haunted Forest,' 'Forest of Mysteries,' or the 'Forest of Secrets.' The Ohtans generally navigate the forest using rafts to cross marshland and water and using marked paths to navigate any dangerous portions of the forest. Oftentimes, Ohtans build their houses high in the canopy, and rope bridges connect many tree houses to form a small village. The floor of the forest is carpeted by moss, ferns, and wild pokemon. Especially at night, the forest teems with life, a testament to the low number of wild pokemon captured in this part of the world.

Inside the Forest lies the Katari Marsh. Here, the forest turns almost purely into marshlands. It is more dangerous than most other parts of the wood, and is frequented by feraligatr - one of the few pokemon in Ohtar who view humans as food. Generally travelers don't come here unless they have specific reasons to. There aren't many towns in this region, and there are much safer ways to reach the other side of the marsh than through it. However, you will find a good number of ambitious herb pickers here, as the variety and potency of the native plants are much greater than in safer portions of the forest.

The other main geographical feature of Ohtar is the Silver River. It is so named because of a large amount of silt and scale dust that make the river a murky silver coloring. The Ohtan people don't use the river for anything in particular, though they view it as an important part of the balance of the larger organism of the forest. The river is generally slow moving, and it can be a little dangerous at times. Predator pokemon will attack the undersides of small sailing vessels thinking they saw the bottom of an edible pokemon instead of hard wood. However, the only time the river truly turns life-threatening is when it passes through the Katari Marsh.

Demographics For the most part, the Ohtan are one people. The only separations come from the raised positions of those who are born with the valued mystical and psychic abilities that define the patriarchal classes. This is a fairly large separation though, especially when it divides families. When parents of the mundane class give birth to a mystic or channeler, their child is taken from them. A subtle resentment is present in the lower classes for this reason, though it rarely gets further than grumblings. The population generally congregates in small villages, with only a few real cities in the entire country. Most of these small towns are self sufficient. Hunters and gatherers collect enough food to sustain a town (but not a city), and there are enough other natural materials available that merchants will only travel through a town three or four times each year.

Economy: The lack of symbol magic in Ohtar creates an interesting economic situation. Without traditional healing products, healing mages are in high demand for their healing services. To partly make up for this deficiency, many people in Ohtar turn to herbal medicine. While most pokemon dislike this bitter food, the country remains one of the premier producers of herbal medicine in the world. The forests contains more than enough plants to sustain this portion of the economy, and it is steadily growing. Certain portions of the country choose to import quite a bit of grains that they are unable to grow in the forest, but otherwise the people make good use of the resources they have available to survive in the Forest of Mysteries.

Politics and Government: Ohtar's government is characterized by a patriarchal class that enforces the rules and edicts of the country and individual towns in exchange for their elevated position. At a national level, the Council of Sages, 9 selee mages of differing specialties, meet every year to discuss changes in the laws. Each of these nine members oversees a different region of the country, travelling from place to place and helping to solve local problems. Each town is appointed a leader, always a powerful mystic, to guide the town and provide schooling for young children who show talent in Seelee magic. In general, changes to the law by the Council are minimal as the laws are more ancient than even the oldest of the sages. They meet in secret, in the rumored sacred grove of Celebi. When a member of the Council dies or chooses to leave service, the next councilmember is chosen by Celebi. Invariably, a powerful mystic finds himself at the temple of Celebi at the next council meeting with no recollection of how he or she got there.

The Forest of Ohtar buzzes with large numbers of wild pokemon. Since almost nobody uses pokeballs in Ohtar, the pokemon are free to breed and roam as they see fit. This means that the concentration of wilds here are greater than almost anywhere else in the world. Catching these pokemon is against the law of course, so trainers who come here seeking a new companion must otherwise convince their target to join them. Ghost types like haunter, dusknoir, and shuppet are very common, as are many different type of bug, grass, water, and dark types. Predators roam the woods, and swarms of prey find safety in numbers as they travel. The large numbers of mystics in the woods make for wild pokemon that are, on the whole, more docile than in other parts of the world. Generally, these pokemon don't attack humans, but if provoked, they will attack en mass if provoked.

Important People:
Miyagi: The chief shaman of the Tendan clan, and a member of the Council, Miyagi has mastered the art of possessing his large team of ghost type pokemon. He is a cruel man who rarely leaves his home except for Council meetings. Some whisper that he is aiming to usurp the entire council and rule the country for himself; those who whisper too loudly often end up dead in his Marsh however.

Iwataei: A young plebian girl to whom celebi has appeared and blessed. She bears the mark of the willow on her arm, and though not yet skilled in the mystic arts, she shows great promise. Almost certainly Iwataei is destined to lead the council, though not everybody is happy at her coming. Nobody dares to make a move against her however. It has been centuries since Celebi has chosen a human vessel, and the god is sure to have protected the human child with powerful magic.

Important Areas:
Altar to Celebi: Nobody knows where the secret temple to Celebi is except for the Council of Sages, and Celebi has sealed their mouths with unbreakable vows of secrecy. It is the central place of worship for these few humans. Celebi herself has placed guardian spirits to protect her home when she is away: grass shifted golurks stand guard throughout the expansive gardens that surround the shrine.

Sylvia: A small city resting on the banks of the Silver River on the outskirts of the forest, this is where most of the business between Ohtar and the outside world occurs. Though nobody is prevented from going into the forest, most outsiders refuse to leave the city limits. Wheat and metal ore are the most common goods that pass through Sylvia, as they are resources that the Ohtan people don't have access to.

Tendan: A small clan of shamans live in the village of Tendan. The town is a large collection of interconnected raft-houses that are tied to tree roots for stability. Mist from the myriad of ghost pokemon gives the place an eerie feeling. For ages, the Tendan Clan has ruled the Katari Marsh, and for some reason dislike most other Ohtan people. They often sic totodile swarms on people who wander into their territory. Nobody knows why the Council of Sages has not had them executed, but until the order comes, the Marshes will remain one of the most dangerous places in Ohtar.

Mystrall: The city of Mystrall is a wonder of human labor. The city has three levels. At the top, tree houses sit on top of large branches, with normal buildings sitting underneath them, and a connection of tunnels and caves that lace the underside of the city. As the capital of Ohtar, many members of the Council visit here. Unlike other place in the forest, many pokemon give the bustling city its space. However, befriended pokemon more than make up the difference. Almost every citizen in the city has a companion that they befriended at some point during their life.

Plots and Rumors:
One of the Sages on the Council was recently found dead after one of the council meetings. It seems he was swarmed by a group of pokemon that he was unable to calm. Ghost pokemon who witnessed the scene claimed that the pokemon that killed him were 'corrupted.' What this means, nobody knows, but tensions are high, and many groups have gone out to find and exterminate the corrupted pokemon.

Large amounts of Dugtrio have chosen to make the underside of Mystrall their home. While the residents of Ohtar don't usually interfere with pokemon's choices, this extended family could cause serious damage to the city. The collapses haven't started happening yet, but soon they will. If the group of pokemon isn't relocated, somebody will eventually loose their life to the grubby pokemon.

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