Willow's Den

Willow's Den is a peaceful village in southern Galla surrounded by scattered farms and ranches. The town sits on the Tirsmont River and is located next to the Darken Forest. The town and surrounding farms total about 250 people. The town itself was formed around the manor house of Lord Birshard, a minor country noble. He needed a town to support his upper class living habits, and his demand fueled the small supply of townsfolk who now inhabit Willow's Den. Between the services in town and in the countryside, Willow's Den has the ability to support the noble, his servants, and his small guard. The people favor a quiet life, though they are also fond of the gossip that oftentimes rules small towns.

Note: When a pokemon is called 'Tame' it means that they are technically wild, though they act as a captured pokemon. If the PCs attempt to capture a tame pokemon, it will be viewed as robbery by the townspeople, and the PC will be brought in front of Lord Birshard for a trial.


Important Locations

1. Lord Birshard’s Manor: This manor houses the minor country noble Lord Thorrin Birshard, his wife Delia, and his son Derrik. The place is surrounded by a low wall, and is situated on top of a hill for more secure defenses. The manor employs five guards and thirty servants. All of the guards and most of the servants stay in the commoner quarters of the manor. Assuming Birshard is suitably impressed with the PCs skills and loyalty, they will be offered guest rooms in Birshard’s manor. This means that they won’t have to cook, clean, do laundry, or have to worry about where to sleep at night. It also has the unfortunate stigma of being distinctly anti-magic. Two domestic meowth roam the property as ratters, and five captured growlithe serve as guard dogs, though they don’t see much action.

2. Jove Gahndall’s House: This house is pretty standard for a business owner. He lives here with his wife Hannah and his three small children Iona, Lily, and Gawin. While larger than the house of somebody who didn’t own the most successful eatery in town, it isn’t huge. His large and extensive garden is guarded by his tamed paras.

3. August Finn’s House: August works as a bartender and cook at the Bone Rush Inn. He lives with his wife Mary-Clair and his eight year old son Nooney. They’re gentle folk, and generally prefer to stay out of the small town politics that sometimes consume the town.

4. Bone Rush Inn: This inn houses travelers, usually on their way to the City of the Gods. Its rooms are for people who want more than the single bed provided at the temple. It also has a small bar and eatery for anybody to come to. A meal costs 1 Trien for pokemon or people, though its food isn’t as good as Jove’s Feasthall. The place is run by a bachelor by the name of James. Expect loud nights and plenty of alcohol in the Bone Rush Inn when farmers and townsfolk gather for a rowdy night of fun. It’s a great place for the PCs to meet the differing people of town.

5. Guldrak's House Guldrak is a bit of a pig, and his run down house reflects that. Trash and piles of broken wood litter the lawn. The whole place reeks ever so slightly of manure.

6. Guldrak’s Barn and Stables: Since most people have not captured their mounts, only tamed them, a stable in town is necessary for those who ride into town. Stabling services cost 1 Trien for an entire days use of a stall. Only conventional mounts are allowed into his stables however.

7. Messenger Office: This office houses carrier pidgies that can be used to send messages for 1 Trien each. For more sensitive messages, they have domestic ponyta messenger services available for 75 Trien.

8. Jove’s Feasthall: This is the finest eatery in town, and the food is delicious. A normal meal costs 5 Trien for one person or pokemon at least medium sized. Smaller pokemon only cost 2 Trien a meal. The feasthall has the ability to feed Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores, and Terravores. Mons fed at the feasthall should get a minor boost in loyalty, though any pokemon left out may get jealous. As a chef, Jove also has the ability to cook up some specialty items for trainers. He has 2 point poffins of all five contest stats for ^250, trainer energy drinks for ^350, soul food for ^175.

Note: Descriptions for energy drinks, and soul food can be found in the player’s handbook in the Chef features.

9. Grinning Sal's House Grinning Sal works the Messenger Office, but has his own place that was given to him by his parents. It's a nice house, if a little on the small side. Grinning Sal is always open to visitors who are enjoy a game of dice, cards, or knucklebones. He isn't always the most honest about his gambling habits, but the PCs are welcome to try and beat him at his own game.

10. Briahnna's Boarding House: Rather like apartments, the Boarding House offers cheap, permanant housing to those who cannot afford to purchase or build a house of their own in town. The place is crowded with families in tight quarters, but its all they can afford. Briahnna's no-nonsense attitude ensures that the place doesn't look like a pigsty despite the number of children living there.

11. Tilldel General Store: The general store is the one-stop-shop for travellers and townsfolk. In addition to trail rations, extra tack and the like for travelers, it also has clothes, food, and other necessities for townspeople. Those who own pokemon can buy potions, antidotes, paralyze heals, awakenings, enriched waters, and lumlum juices for the prices listed in the players handbook. They also have a limited supply of 5 pokeballs that sell for 200 trien each. The store restocks every month with trainer items, and on a weekly basis for other products.

12. Tilldel House: The Tildel house is generally bursting with small children. Three generations of baby making machines live in the house, and the place is stuffed with people. There isn't much for the PCs to do here, unless they'd like to pick up a babysitting job.

13. Alden's House: Alden, the mystic who was forced from his home by Birshard's laws. The house is now deserted, but nobody dares to enter. It's said the ghost of his son, who was killed after an angry mob came to the house, guards the house. This ghost happens to be in the form of a steel/ghost shifted puppet.

14. Temple to Shaymin: This stone building forms the religious center of Willow’s Den. There will be many offerings to the god during this time of year, as the harvest is approaching. Stained glass windows and a sunroof allow for plenty of light to seep into this historic building. The back contains rooms for the priestess, and a small garden to grow berries and food in. The priestess who lives in the temple and maintains it is Hilda Ward the botanist. Over the years, she has stockpiled healing berries for use when the townsfolk or their pokemon are injured. Generally, these aren’t used, though in today’s violent climate, they are getting much more use. Hilda will use these berries free of charge on anybody, but she will not let townsfolk or PCs take them out of the temple. She has stockpiles of oran and stritus berries, all the status curing berries, and leppa berries.

Note: The Temple of Shaymin is meant to act as a sort of medieval Pokemon Center. PCs can come to heal both themselves and their teams, rest, and use the building as a safe haven. It should be noted that the Temple of Shaymin is neutral, and will not house any part seeking to launch an attack on Willow’s Den, though it will always heal anybody who comes.

15. Gudrun's Farm and Smithy: Gudrun does all of Willow's Den's smithing at her farm in the countryside. She makes horseshoes, wagon parts, and farming implements at her farm. She also creates the weapons for the guards of Lord Birshard's mansion, and for the few swordfighters in Willow's Den (including Trish, Alden's wife). She can spend a day smithing a weapon for any PC for the cost of 3,000 Trien, plus an additional 50 Trien per level of the weapon. She cannot enchant the weapons or create armor. The place can serve as a refuge for any magicians in the party; Gudrun uses her well respected position in Willow's Den to protect the magicians that she believes have been wronged.

16. Greenheart Farm: The Greenheart farm is one of the best wheat producing farms in Willow's Den. Yennik Greenheart uses his domesticated squirtles to ensure that his crops always have enough water. The whole family is strongly anti-magic, and they won't have any image or seele magicians on their property.

17. Laz Strongarm's Farm: Laz Strongarm is an ex adventurer and guard who specialized in using the symbol magic on his arm as a weapon. Now retired, Laz has sworn a vow of peace, as have his captured Swanna and Buziel. Though they are powerful, they refuse to fight against anybody for any reason; some say his choice is meant to be repentance for an innocent life he once took. In his new life, he runs a successful farm that his two pokemon keep running smoothly.

18. Latha Moonshallow's Farm: Latha Moonshallow is a new farmer, and she's currently struggling. The place is a wreck, and she doesn't know how to pull it together. She's currently being tutored by Laz, and the situation is improving. However, the farm currently doesn't create enough profit to make the venture worth the effort.

19. Cid's Farm and Carpentry: Cid and his family live on a flourishing wheat farm. They supplement the income from the land through Cid's carpentry skills. All the houses and wagons in town are built under his supervision and work.

20. Freedman's Farm and Mill: The Freedman Farm is one of the most important areas in Willow's Den. Without its Mill, the people of the area wouldn't be able to make bread from their copious amounts of wheat. The Freedman family is neutral in the conflict, but all sides have an interest in protecting the Mill from being destroyed.

21. Luther Farm: The Luther family farm is the oldest in the area; it's older than the town or Birshard's manor. The family isn't happy about what's been happening recently, but they won't let the current state of affairs interfere with their farming. They still need to feed their own children. A tame growlithe roams the property and acts as a guard dog.

22. Hillstar Farm: The Hillstar family left the area last week after a particularly bad attack from a swarm of Beedrills that killed one of their children. Now, the farmhouse lies deserted except for the constant buzzing from the Beedrill nest.

23. Junger Miltank Farm: The Junger Miltank Farm does a little bit of soybean farming, but their big buisness is in the raising of Miltanks that provide milk and meat to Willow's Den. Unfortunately, they have been attacked by wild pokemon several times recently; this is due to their proximity to the Darken Forest. The large family is sweet, but they're going through tough times at the moment.

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