J3 A Meeting with Birshard

This encounter will introduce the characters to Lord Birshard, a major player in this module. It will also give the PCs a biased version of what is currently going on in Willow's Den. Depending on how the PCs handled the poochyena attack, they may be able to secure lodging at Birshard's home. Whether Birshad becomes a willing ally in town, or a hostile associate depends wholly on what direction this encounter takes.

Keep in mind that Herrin will tell his father if he knows or suspects that one of the PCs has image or seele magic. If he does so, Birshard will be much more suspicious and hostile throughout the conversation. Birshard will allow these PCs to do their job, but he will not do them any favors or allow them to stay under his roof under any circumstances.

The PCs are led to Birshard by his son Herrin after they visit the Temple to Shaymin in encounter J2. Herrin takes them through the walls, past the young, inexperienced guards, through the richly decorated manor, and to the antechamber where Birshard talks with visitors. Herrin goes ahead to explain the situation to his father before returning to the waiting room to fetch the party. When they enter the room, narrate the following:

The room you enter is richly decorated in the manor of many country nobles. Carved tables and chairs littered the room, while tapestries and stuffed stantler heads lined the walls. The stone floor was in need of a good sweeping, as ash from the fireplace had settled into the nooks and crannies of the hewn rock. A man sat at one of the tables. Tall, muscular, and a little scarred, Lord Birshard was the picture of a rich, active man. "Hello younglings. I hear that I owe you a word of gratitude for saving the life of my only child. My name is Birshard, and I welcome you happily to my home. You have come far to help us in our time of need. I hope the rangers did well in sending you to us."

Continue on the conversation as the PCs continue to ask Birshard questions. Here are some questions that the PCs may ask.

"What's really going on in Willow's Den?"

Question 2

Question 3

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