Encounter Template

This page tells you how to read an encounter of this module.

Page Title: The page title of an encounter will have a number and letter combination denoting where it goes in the adventure. It will also contain the encounter's name.

Normal Text is meant as background information for the DM, or instructions on how to run the encounter.
Italicized Text should either be read aloud to the players - if played in real time - or posted as narration - if play-by-post.

Maps: If this encounter has any maps that need to be linked or put into spoilers, they will be here.
People and Pokemon: This section has descriptions of all relevant people or pokemon. It will also have links to character sheets for fully statted people or pokemon if they are needed for a combat encounter.
Combat: This section will detail combat strategy relevant to the encounter, along with any special rules that may need to be used. For instance, if the possibility of poison occurs in the encounter, a note on poison will be included.
Rewards and Treasure: If there is any treasure to be had, it will be listed here. This section will also detail the exp rewards for beating the encounter, both trainer and pokemon.

Finally, there will be a link to the next encounter that should be run. If there are multiple options of what might be needed, they will all be listed. There will also be some general notes on what should happen after this encounter at the end of each entry.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License