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This page gives the DM all the information they need to run The Revenge of Lord Birshard. It includes information on the town of Willow's Den, major NPCs, and the Portion of the Darken Forest that the PCs will be exploring. It also has information on how to use googledoc maps and character sheets. It also has all the sheets for NPCs that the character may find themselves in conflict with. If a DM has any questions about the game, they should send CosmicOccurence a PM on

Notes about Aatos
- Aatos is a low money setting for the vast majority of its inhabitants. Normal people simply can't afford to buy pokeballs to capture pokemon, let alone potions, revives, and full heals. Many people have tamed pokemon to be as good as captured even though they are still technically wild. As hired trainers, the PCs have more cash than the average inhabitant of Willow's Den.

-Pokeballs, as stated before, are pretty rare. In fact, there are a very limited number of pokeballs available in this module. This is intentional. Since this adventure has a high number of pokemon that can be targeted with pokeballs, their number has been limited so that the PCs can only capture a certain number of them. Make sure your players are aware of this so they only try to catch what they really want to.

Homebrew Rules
This module was created under the assumption that the following houserules are being used:
- Pokeballs: Pokeballs will only break when the d100 roll result is at least 40 higher than the current capture DC of the pokemon they were trying to capture. If it does not caputre, but is not at least 40 above the needed roll, the ball fails to capture the pokemon but may be reused at a later time. If you choose to not use this houserule, I reccomend making pokeballs much cheaper and much more available.
- Trainer Leveling: since Aatos lacks many of the level up methods used in PTA - pokedex scans, gym badges, contest ribbons, the option for numerous pokemon captures - trainer leveling has been modified. A trainer levels up every time they reach 10 'experience points'. Upon reaching 10 points, the trainer levels up and starts at 0 experience points. Any points not used to get to 10 points are added to the new starting total of 0 points. You can gain an experience point by capturing a new species of pokemon or evolving one of your pokemon into a new pokemon. Things that normally grant a full level grant 10 experience points instead. Other significant actions should grant experience points relative to how important the action was. This adventure has included experience rewards where deemed appropriate. More or less awards can be added to change the leveling speed if desired.

Willow's Den A description of Willow's Den and some important NPCs that you may need during the adventure.

Darken Forest
- Map for the forest
- key for the map
- locations PCs might visit

Major NPCs
Each one should include a bio, how PCs might interact, attitude towards the situation
- Birshard
- Birshard's Son
- Alden
- Trish
- Image Magicians
- Significant Townspeople

Reading and Using Google Documents
This module uses google documents for the statistics of characters and maps of battle areas. If you desire to edit these for any reason - using it as a real time map, editing HP values, editing in combat stages, etc - you will need a gmail account. Then click 'file' and 'make a copy' to copy the sheet into an editable form.

In general, never overwrite a grey cell, as it has code to do automatic calculations for you.

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