Beginning the Adventure

Welcome the the adventure. This is where all the descriptions for encounters, dialogues, and fights will be. Inside each encounter page are links to NPC sheets, maps, and other necessities for the encounter. Players should avoid peeking at this information; even if they don't metagame, it will ruin some of the surprises. DMs should read over all the pages at least once before beginning the adventure with their players. Then, he or she should prepare more thoroughly for each encounter as the story progresses.

Encounter Template This page has instructions for how to read the encounter pages that are used throughout the adventure.

The Revenge of Lord Birshard is split into three separate sections. These sections are chapters in a sense. Each has its own purpose that contributes to a larger storyline. Section One, or J section, deals with exposition of the conflict and an introduction to the town of Willow's Den. Section Two, or T section, is the meat of the story. In this section, the characters will begin to unravel the many problems currently plaguing the small town. Section Three, or L section, forms the climax of the adventure.

Note: Encounters do not need to happen in the order that they are listed in this section. Some encounters will lead directly to others, but some - especially in Section Two - do not necessarily connect directly with another encounter.

Section One: The Journey Begins

J1 The First Encounter Section One Start
J2 The Temple of Shaymin
J3 A Meeting with Birshard Section One End

Section Two: True Lies

The PCs have time to strengthen their parties, explore the town and forest, battle with local trainers, and other such activities in preparation for their job to exterminate Alden. Most of these encounters are optional; the only encounter necessary for the adventure to continue is _E2.x_ - _Tax Collection Encounter Name. Section two should last as long as you and your players are enjoying themselves. Make sure to remind them that the more training they do here, the more likely they'll be to defeat Alden. Free healing should be available to players at the manor.

Alden's House
Conflict over newly discovered psychic
An Attack on the Junger Farm (Miltank Encounter)
Beedrill Farm
An incursion into the forest
Wild Pokemon Hunting
Something with the lake in Darken Forest?
Tax Collection Gig (End Section Two)

Section Three: The Lesser of Two Evils

A Conversation with Trish (Start Section 3)

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