The Revenge of Lord Birshard

This adventure is designed as an introduction to Pokemon Tabletop Adventures and Aatos, and is intended for three 3rd-level characters. The encounters should be adjusted to be harder or easier depending on differing numbers of players. This adventure takes place in and around Willow's Den, a town south of the City of the Gods in Galla. The characters have been hired by the rangers to assist Lord Birshard, the local noble, in stopping a string of attacks on the town. The attacks are carried out by wild pokemon under the command of a mystic by the name of Alden. In the adventure, PCs will have to struggle against Alden's wild pokemon and his henchmen. However, not everything is as it seems in Willow's Den. As the truth comes to light, the characters will discover that both Birshard and Alden are of questionable moral character. They face a choice: help the bigoted noble defend himself from a threat created by his own hatred, or assist the wronged mystic in his bloody quest for revenge.

DM Corner - A place for the DM to go for information on the module and for resources on the adventure.
Player Resources - This is where the pregenerated characters and starters are located. It also has information on PTA rules.
Beginning the Adventure - All encounters and plot happenings are located here. Players should avoid reading this.

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