Dominated by the Darken Forest and Frozen Wastes, Miristan has developed a mindset common in dog-eat-dog locales. They place high importance on military endeavors, but lack the population and location to dominate relations between the Three Nations.

Regional History: At one point in history, Attica, Galla and Miristan were all one nation. Then, the King died and his three children split the nations among themselves. Over time, the borders have shifted to reflect the power that each country wields, and they are almost constantly at odds with each other. Miristan has been the most aggressive of the three sister countries, in part due to the dangerous nature of much of its land and its expansionist leaders. They haven't had as much success as they'd like to though, and they continually launch small forays into their neighbor's territory looking for weak spots in their defenses.

Culture: Though all three countries have similar values of chivalry, service to the crown, and the glory of war, Miristanis look on battle more highly than their counterparts. They often go into the woods with nothing but weapons, armor, and pokeballs to practice their survival skills in hostile territory. Those who aren't fit for battle are viewed as lesser citizens, and do not advance far in their society. This leads to a small, if highly trained military. No doubt Miirstan's close proximity to Elba contributed to this development in Mistrani culture.

Geography: Miristan is split into three main parts. The Darken Forest, which fills most of Miristan to the west, is their natural defense against invaders and a training ground for their troops. Splitting the Darkan forest and the flat plainslands is the Thales River which travels almost due south through Miristan. The Frozen Wastes lay in the north, creeping slowly southward. This is possibly the most worrisome thing that the Mistrani people have ever faced: an enemy they can't defeat with their sword.

Demographics Almost all of Miristan lives east of the Thales River where all of the countries farming and cities are located. Small military outposts dot the Darken forest, but otherwise it serves as a natural deterrent for attackers.

Economy: Miristan has a relatively small economy. Their main source of income comes from boat building, at which they excell. They sell their boats to other countries on Lake Lyra in exchange for weapons, extra food, and luxuries that aren't produced in Miristan.

Politics and Government: Like all of the Three Nations, Miristan is a monarchy. Unlike its counterparts however, the Miristani King holds absolute authority and his word is law. All other positions in Miristan are given out based on merit, usually through distinguished military service.

Pokemon: The people of Mirisran go pokemon hunting in the Darken forest all the time. It's their way of training both themselves and their pokemon to be ready for the rigors of battle. Bug and grass type pokemon are common in Miristan, though members of the oshwott line are often found in the Thales River. Recently, organized attacks from wild pokemon have come from the encroaching Frozen Wastes.

Important People:
Lance Quilling: An engineer and master boatmaker, this man is a legend. Almost every great naval battle in the last thirty years has seen one of Lance's ships used on both sides of the battle. He saves the best of the best for his own people, but seeing as Miristan doesn't have many Naval battles, he generally sells the second best to Carthak or the Achaemean Empire which have the largest demand.


Important Areas:
Thespen: Thespen is the only real city of note in Miristan. It is the capital of the country, and houses much of its economy. Farmers bring in food from the plains-farms to support the city. Thespen is home to the best boat building studios in all of Aatos, and their products sell for high prices around the world. It also holds the barracks that the Miristani army conducts basic training in (they go into the forest for the more advanced work), and also the Miristani branch of the Court of the Rogue.

Plots and Rumors:
When a group of Miristani warriors ventured into the frozen wastes to look for a squadron of men who went missing, they found their comrades frozen as ice statues with horrified looks on their faces. What could possibly possess enough power to do that?

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