Nature is, at its base, wild and unpredictable. Sandstorms descend on the Barrir tribsemen of Carthak without warning, avalanches in the Frozen Wastes take uncounted numbers of explorers' lives. A Magus (plural Magi) channel this wildness when they manipulate wild magic. Their powers are unpredictable, and they can never predict what will happen when they use their powers. Sometimes the magic gives them exactly the power need to succeed, and sometimes their power ends up being useless or anti-productive. A Magus on the battlefield is a sure sign that chaos will reign during the conflict.

Like any type of elementalist, Magi are quite rare in Aatos. Still, they are second in commonality only to Aura Users, many of which don't know the power they use. The appearance of their magic looks in many ways similar to Image Magic. In order to guard the secret of their power, they often pretend to be an unusual style of psychic if somebody recognizes that their abilities are slightly outside the norm of what many would call 'standard' magic. Magi usually have boisterous personalities and live life to the fullest. They often seek out pokemon that they think look visibly appealing to ride into battle.


Prerequisites: 16 primary stat (Int, Wis, or Cha)
Bonuses: +1 primary stat

Cure Incantation
Daily-Every 10 levels gained you may perform this Class Feature another time per day.
Trainer Action-Illegal on League Matches.
Target: Self, ally trainers and ally Pokémon on a 10-meters range.
Effect: The targets are healed 10 HP per turn. This effect may last up to 5 rounds. If you move, use your Trainer Actions on any other feature, or do anything but use this Feature, the effect is immediately cancelled. You may only order Pokemon as long as they remain within the effect of this feature.

Chaos Magic: Lesser
At-Will: Drains 4 HP per use.
Trainer Action-Illegal on League Matches.
Target: Pokemon or Trainers
Effect: Roll a 1d8. Depending on the roll the Magus uses one of the following moves. Use either your primary stat as the SP.ATK or ATK stat.

1-Powder Snow
3-Razor Leaf
4-Water Gun
5-Mud Slap
8-Struggle Bug

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