Lake Lyra

Lake Lyra is possibly the single most important geographical feature in Iussus. It facilitates huge amounts of trade between the countries that border the Lake and has provided avenues for military attacks through history. The Lake is populated with a large variety of water type pokemon, and fishing boats go out onto the lake every day to find a catch. Legend says that the three legendary pokemon Uxie, Azlef, and Mespirit make their homes at the bottom of the lake, though nobody has ever seen them.

Violence on the lake is mostly uncommon, as the raiders from the Syreni Islands have no means of making it to the interior of the lake. Still, other pirates do roam the waters, and when encountered, sea battles do commence. Most ships carry some kind of armed guard against just that eventuality or the stray gyarados. Aside from that and the stray storm, travel on Lake Lyra is mostly a peaceful experience.

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