Being the eastern neighbor to a country consumed by economic expansion and civil war, Kush is in a very delicate position. Kush is always on edge, waiting for the day that Carthak will decide that they would like to rule all of Harena instead of just the vast majority of it. This complicated situation is compounded by the fact that Kush is mostly formed of remnants of the Sassnid empire. Kushites are well aware of their situation, and have been preparing for the inevitable invasion for generations. Inside their greatest defense, the Sin Bashar mountain range, lies their greatest refuge. The Kushites, with copious help from pokemon with burrowing capabilities, have hollowed out much of one of the mountains and are creating a city of proportions so gargantuan that they should be able to fit their entire population in it by the time it is finished. This is only possible because of the Kushites famous specialty in mining metals.

Reigonal History: Long ago, Kush was once a part of the Sassnid empire that had sprawled across the entire continent of Harena. The Barrir never traveled east of the Sin Bashar, and so they were able to tame the wilds and shape them to their liking. Over time however, the portion of the Sassnid empire separated by the Sin Bashar started become different from their western cousins. The cultures became decidedly different, with the exception of the worship of Giratina, whom they viewed as their protector. When the Great Revolution of Harena began, the Sassnids in that part of the country refused to take part, and succeeded. Since they did not fight in the war, the Carthakis chose not to purge them from the land. Thus began the Kingdom of Kush. They chiseled out their fortunes by excelling in mining the riches of the Sin Bashar and trading them for the vegetables and fruits that they can’t grow except on small terraces in the Sin Bashar.

Culture: The people of Kush worship Giratina as their protector and patron with a fiery passion. To most Kushites, their mission on earth is to repent for the sins that humanity has committed against their god. Almost all of their culture revolves around Giratina and the religion that he promotes. Their belief system includes nonmutilation of pokemon before consuming them. Those who are not vegetarian take the utmost care to show respect for pokemon both in life and death. Another interesting trait of the Kushite religion revolves around gold. To Giritina, gold is symbolic of purity and a link to the divine. The more gold one possesses, the higher social status that person will obtain. Stealing gold is an offence punishable by slow and painful death, and stolen gold must be melted to a liquid form in order to regain its purity after such a theft. Goldsmiths are common, and the gold jewelry they create is some of the best in all of Aatos.

The Kushite people also live in fear of Carthak. The two peoples have been at odds for generations, and the Kushite people fear that an army will descend into their lands and destroy their people. These fears are not without cause: the Kushite people enslaved the Carthakis during the Sassnid Empire, and the tables have only recently turned. Now their people are enslaved by those who they used to rule, and they fear retribution. This has caused an obsession with the underground city of Tartean. They hope that Tartean will provide them refuge on the inevitable day that the Carthaki people choose to attack.

Geography: The most significant geographical feature of Kush by far is the Sin Bashar. This formidable mountain range has served multiple purposes. First and foremost, it is a natural wall that makes any attack from Carthak difficult and painful to execute. While this placates the people slightly, they still fear the day when Carthak makes it through this first line of defense. The Kushites know it like the back of their hands, and are willing to utilize that knowledge to their advantage if war ever breaks out. Aside from military boons, the Sin Bashar is rich in various minerals. These natural resources encouraged Kush’s growth as a mining country: specifically the leading producer of gold and gold jewelry in all of Aatos. It also is the place where they are placing all of their hopes if they ever need one last defense - Tartean.

Demographics: Kush is made up of almost only Sassnids. Their copper skin is no different from the Carthaki, but there are deep cultural and ethnic differences between the two groups. These cultural differences were deepens and enhanced by centuries of Carthaki enslavement by Sassnid hands. Now that the tables are turned, the tensions between the two cultures are so great that each group would like to see nothing better than the elimination of the other. Carthaki people in Kush are generally killed immediately upon discovering their true identity. Aside from warring ethnic groups, a few gold prospectors from Iussus live in Kush, but for the most part Kush is an isolated country who interacts with foreign countries at their ports. Outsiders are only ever seen with any regularity at Pharaoh's Point.

Economy: The Kushite market is driven by one thing, mining. The Sin Bashar mountains if full of all kinds of ores, from gold to silver to platinum, to diamonds. They export their wares in exchange for much needed crops that are hard to grow in Kush’s climate. Kush also has a large number of sculptors, gem cutters, and smiths that turn the raw materials that Kush makes into goods desired around the world. Gold is cheap here, and golden jewelry is so common that only the poorest of the poor do not have any. There are some farmers who grow crops on terraces in the Sin Bashar, but not enough to feed the entire population.

Politics and Government: The land of Kush is ruled by the Council of Three. The first is a descendant of the line of Pharaohs that ruled the Sassnid empire. The second is the head of the church of Giratina in Kush. The third and final is the current chief architect of Tartean. These three meet every week to discuss and vote on issues brought to the Council. The people of Kush trust this Council intrinsically, and Kush’s government has been stable for a very long time. The country also has a large secret police and spy force. Since a Carthaki and a Sassnid look no different from each other, spies are able to infiltrate enemy lines and gather information. The Kushite people obsess over this fact, as they are convinced that Carthak is constantly watching the country for the opportune chance to strike a fatal blow. Conversely, the Kushite government routinely sends spies into Carthak. These agents have several missions. Most of them gather information on the strength and movements of the Carthaki military, while some work to liberate Sassnid slaves and bring them back to Kush.


Pokemon: Pokemon battling for the sake of a battle is rare in Kush. A person who has the skills to train a team of strong pokemon is sent to Tartean to assist in the removal of wild species that inhabit the mountain or to use their pokemon to assist in the excavation and carving of Tartean. Onix, excadrill, and dugtrio are all common pokemon that trainers use to assist in the creation of this national city. Those trainers who aren't sent to Tartean are either recruited for military purposes. For their habit of eating precious metals, the aron family of pokemon are considered pure, and they sell for high rates in the pokemon markets of Kush. One factor that contributes to the lack of a battle culture in Kush rests on the fact that wild pokemon are very rare except in the mountains and ocean. Most people simply don't have access to befriend or capture one pokemon, let alone a whole team of them.

Important People:
Eshgikal Scrassta: Eshgikal is the current chief architect of Tartean. Though he follows the basic plan set up by his predecessors, he has expanded the plan to include schematics for secret tunnels that will lead to the surface in order for farmers to access their fields. This ambitious expansion has not made everybody happy, as it is just that much more work before Tartean is finished.

Talia Raines: Talia is a rising star in the artist circles of Kush. She is a brilliant sculptor who has recently been commissioned to carve the giant statues that will mark the entrance to Tartean.

Important Areas:
Bashar Temple: This ancient temple to Giratina was built into the side of the sin Bashar mountain range during the height of Sasnid power. It remains as a sacred place for the followers of Giratina. It is said to be the only place that Giratina is able to pass into Aatos from his shadow realm.

Klitla: Klitla is a city that was created when Kush started to construct Tateran. They needed a place for workers to sleep and eat, as well as places to store all the tools and healing items needed to hollow out a mountain. Klitla eventually became one of the major cities of Kush. It is a bustling city full of working class citizens passionate about what they do.

Mfrin: The Council of Three holds sway in Mfrin. Though the city isn’t as large as other cities, it is the nerve center of Kush. The small military that Kush is able to field is trained here as is the church of Giratina. Gold is everywhere in this city, and the Council chamber is the center of the city, almost pure gold plated marble.

Pharaoh’s Point: Pharaoh’s Point is the port that connects Kush with the rest of the world. It is full of warehouses and shipyards. It is much more industrial than other Kush cities, and wood forms most of the buildings as opposed to the marble and slate of Klitla and Mfrin. People are always on the move in Pharaoh’s Point, and they don’t wait for anybody else.

Tartean: The city that all Kushites obsess over, Tartean will serve as the last resort for Kushites if the Carthakis ever decide to eradicate their western neighbors. The cavern is large and intricate, and will hold all of Kush when complete. A work in progress, Tartean is still far from being complete, but many Kushites can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Plots and Rumors:
A family of boldores have inhabited the Temple of Bashar and are in the process of creating hollows to lay eggs in. They need to be captured before they do irreparable damage to the sacred temple to Giratina.

A steelix made of gold has been spotted in construction of Tartean. Many rich people have put out rewards for the pokemon in a ball, but if the catcher chose to keep it, they would instantly rise to a position of power in Kush.

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