Achaemian Empire A large, powerful expansionist nation, the Achaemian Empireis a major player on the world stage, and it looks like they have plans to conquer all of Iussus eventually.
Attica One of the Three Nations, Attica has few pokemon and a large number of human combatants. Its position on the Sea of Falling Stars provides ample opportunities for its growth.
Chandra An arid country with deep social schisms and a caste structure, Chandra is currently being pressured by both external and internal forces.
Elba This country has an incredibly efficient military training program known as the 'Pokemon League' that is top class.
Frozen Wastes A frozen wasteland with little human life.
Galla One of the Three Nations, Galla is suffering from the death of the king, encroaching ice, and large amounts of military threat from its neighbors. Galla is in need of help badly.
Gavent A country that developed in isolation, Gavent has a strong legalistic government and a strong emperor.
Khalkha A steppe covered country, Khalkha is inhabited by nomadic tribesmen who raid their neighbors and travel light. No permanent settlements are to be found here.
Lake Lyra The nerve center of Iussus, Lake Lyra is a lake.
Miristan One of the Three Nations, Miristan is quite militaristic and is unafraid to take risks to win battles.
Ningal The seat of democracy and modern thought, Ningal is an odd fish in Aatos.
Ohtar Ohtar is a forest covered country where mystics are king and symbol magic is despised.
Reilia Home of the dragonmasters, Reilia is a secretive country who refuses to interact with the outside world.
Sarn The strongest economic power in Iussus, Sarn is consumed by trade.
Serrin Serrin is a theocracy that is devoted to the monotheistic Church of Arceus.
Western Iussus A collection of countries whose people focus on living a peaceful life.

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