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Original Class

The Influential is a class about denying action economy to singular opponents. It has the insidious ability to shut down single opponents, although its power wanes when facing larger groups of enemies. While often seen as evil, these Image Magicians can use their powers for good as well, as power is neither good nor bad, only the people who wield it. Influentials often take other psychic classes, particularly Telepath, as its feature "Suggestion" meshes seamlessly with the powers that the Influential has.

[Class] [+2 SpDef]
Prerequisite: Elemental Connection (Psychic), Novice Guile, Novice Charm
Effect: You add your Mind modifier to Charm and Intuition checks instead of your Spirit modifier. Charm and Intuition effectively become Mind skills.

[+2 SpDef]
2 AP, Trainer Action
Effect: Make a Range 5 Struggle attack, adding your Special Attack stat instead of Attack. On 11-20, the target is Flinched. If you miss, AP is not expended.

Hold Still!
[+2 SpDef]
Expert Guile, Expert Charm
Effect: You gain the ability Hypnotic. You learn the move Hypnosis.

Memory Wipe
[+2 SpDef]
Prerequisite: Adept Guile, Adept Charm
Effect: You learn Heal Block and Disable

Trip Up
[+2 SpDef]
Prerequisite: Mind Control, Expert Guile, Expert Charm
1 AP, Trainer Action
Effect: You may subtract your Guile Rank in a check made by another trainer. If the target is unwilling, you must pass an opposed Focus check (Charm Check if this is entered as a base class) before subtracting your Guile rank. AP is not expended if you fail the check.

Would You Kindly?
[+2 SpDef]
Prerequisite: Trip Up, Master Guile, Master Charm
2 AP, Full Action
Target: Someone you previously hit with an Influential Feature that costs AP
Effect: You make a Charm Check opposed by your target's Focus check. If you fail, AP is still expended. If you succeed, your target does not get to choose their shift action and either trainer action (in the case of trainers) or move action (in the case of Pokémon) the following turn (or out of battle, a general course of action, such as "Alert allies"). You instead choose this action. You do not instantly know all of your target's features or abilities. If you demand your target perform an immediately self destructive action ("Walk off the cliff," "Shoot yourself," "Use Explosion," "Destroy that Pokéball," however "Hit your friend with Takedown" would work) the target is not forced to comply.

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