Giant Pokemon

Pokemon are an accepted part of the world of Aatos. Its inhabitants take for granted the ghosts, dragons, and sea monsters that inhabit their land. They understand the power that these beasts hold and that they can bend this power to their will. However, every once in a while, a rumor arises of something different, something mythical. Rare as ice in Harena, giant pokemon have inspired myths and tales for centuries. They are larger, stronger, and tougher than their bretheren, and they usually tower over humankind as a menacing reminder of the unlimited potential that pokemon hold.

Mechanics: Giant pokemon are, as one would expect, giant. They are much large and heavier than any of their normal counterparts, and usually a good deal more powerful. They move faster and hit harder than others of their kind, although their reactions are a good deal slower, and they have a hard time acting quickly in combat. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages that the Giant template provides, which makes giant pokemon an asset to any team. However, this mutation is extremely rare in all pokemon except the phanpy line. Giant pokemon have the following characteristics:

  • Giant pokemon generally cost a lot of money, ranging from 1k for a caterpie all the way up to 55k for a pokemon like dragonite.
  • Giant pokemon are extremely rare. There is a 1/1,000 chance of any particular egg hatching into a giant, and this roll is not made until the egg hatches. Some breeders have been able to lower their chance as low as 1/100.
  • The phanpy line has a much higher chance of developing the giant template, though it gains this characteristic upon evolution. There is a 1/4 chance that any phanpy evolving will evolve into a donphan with the giant template.
  • Giant pokemon are two sizes larger and four times heavier than normal pokemon of their species are (be sure to adjust weight class appropriately).
  • Giant pokemon have a power capability 3 points higher than normal. They also receive a +3 bonus in their primary movement type and +1 in secondary movement types. They suffer from a jump capability one lower than average however.
  • Giant pokemon suffer from a speed stat 6 points lower than normal, but they gain a bonus of 4/3/2 in their top three other stats respectively.
  • Giant Pokemon have a capture rate 4 higher than normal.

Role In Aatos: As a whole, giant pokemon are too rare to serve any particular purpose in Aatos. However, many armies specifically breed and train phanpy for the sole purpose of evolving them into giant donphan. These formidable pokemon are excellent for use in wartime. At a gigantic size, these behemoths are able to carry several units of archers on its back. Oftentimes small pavilions are mounted on its hide to make for an easier ride for these archers. They also serve as supremely useful seige weapons, capable of tearing down enemy walls quickly and efficiently with their powerful attacks.

Locations: Giant pokemon are not common in any particular portion of Aatos, although many armies make an effort to collect as many giant donphan as they can to use for mounts in war. They are especially interested in giant warbred donphan, which are some of the scariest pokemon known to mankind. One can find the skeletons of giant donphan at the remains of any large battle, but the Boneyard in Galla has a large number of particularly well preserved skeletons.

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