The world of Aatos consists of four main continents: Iussus, Harena, Silvastre, and the Syreni Islands. Together, these four continents contain every geographical feature imaginable from glaciers to deserts, rainforests to mountains, and islands to volcanoes. Humans and pokemon are found on every continent, and each has its own challenges, opportunities, and surprises for any PCs who decides to traverse them.


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Iussus is the largest of the four continents. Characterized by its many different countries and cultures, Iussus spans the length of Aatos. Its geography is mainly characterized by large swaths of forests, the giant Lake Lyra, abundant mountain ranges, and the Frozen Wastes: the mass of tundra and glaciers that inhabits Northern Iussus. The vast majority of recognized countries reside in Iussus. Tensions are high in Iussus as the Achaemian Empire gains power and influence while other countries scramble to defend themselves. You can find a little bit of everything in Iussus if you look in the right places, and opportunities are ripe for the picking.

Harena is the second largest continent in Aatos. This vast desert lies south of Iussus and is separated from it by the Sea of Falling Stars. Harena used to be ruled by the Sassnid Empire, but was overthrown in the Great Desert Wars. The kingdom of Carthak rose to rule most of the continent after the wars, but are having trouble controlling the indigenous Barrir nomads. Obsidian obelisks rise into the sky as the tombs of ancient Sassinid rulers. Harena is full of ancient ruins, crowded bazaars, and a struggle for power that threatens to throw most of the continent into open civil war.

A large island to the south, Silvastre stands as a mystery to most of the world. Silvastre is covered by wild jungles and soaring peaks that are said to reach to the heavens. Though there are no official countries in Silvastre, many native people make the rainforests and mountains their homes. Due to its abundant natural resources, Silvastre has been the target of many entrepreneurial businessmen. These scrupulous surveyors are accompanied by bandits and pirates in the one "civilized" settlement of Journey's End.

Syreni Islands
The Syreni Islands do not actually have any real nations. Instead, small cities inhabit many of the coves that dot the islands’ coastlines. Each city houses a mix of criminals, collectors, surveyors, and prostitutes and is led by a crew of pirates who enforce their own rules inside the towns walls. Outside of these cities lays a wondrous land full of species of pokemon that exist nowhere else in the world.

The Oceans
Lying between these continents are the five great bodies of water. Each has its own personality, pokemon, and challenges. While not nearly as exciting or diverse as the landmasses, these oceans are vitally important to Aatos.

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