The third and final branch of the Serrin Church is the friars. The friars live simple lives, and would rather devote themselves to serving Arceus than their own self interest. Every town with a presence of friars contains a monastery that houses the men and women. Friars spend their lives in service to others and in pursuit of knowledge. They give to the poor, defend towns from aggressive wild pokemon, and are centers of learning for those who devote all their time to the higher cause of worship. The friars own nothing except their single robe and any pokemon they might have. Monasteries have much more in terms of resources, but that is owned by the church and not individuals. Monastery members are sworn to chastity and truth, some even take more severe oaths, such as the oath of silence or poverty. Friars are almost universally trusted, and a letter of recommendation from a friar will go a long way to getting your foot in the door of a Serrin church. Every four years, they come together as a giant group in Rivenkeep to discuss issues. Any decisions they reach are considered the voice of the people, and are almost always listened to. However, such a large group rarely agrees on anything of importance, so this power is not often used.

The path to friardom is rarely sought after due to its stringent material limitations. Wealthier citizens become clergymen, and the less wealthy need their children too much to give one up to the church without compensation. In order to become a friar, a person must receive approval from a lead clergyman in any church, and from friars of three different towns. Each would be friar then takes their oaths from an abbot and joins a monastery.

Possibly the most famous monastery is in Rivenkeep. Located deep under the citadel, the Silent Sisters keep vigil. These women have taken vows forsaking their sight and voice, but have been granted powerful magic in return. All are skilled aura masters or healers, and they are often sought after in times of trouble, though they do not leave their monastery.

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