In the beginning there was nothing but an egg. It was plain, completely white. The egg hatched, birthing Arceus, The Alpha. But another being emerged from the egg with Arceus. It was dark, The Shadow. He immediately despised his hatchmate, but quivered in view of the power that Arceus emanated, so The Shadow did not attack. He watched Arceus and his children create the world, and fill it with life. He despised it all, and wanted to see it burn. Instead, he lurked where Arceus would not find him, for he knew that the mighty being would end him upon sight. Instead, he chose to subvert the world that had been created, to ruin it. He took the creations of Arceus and his children and twisted them. He killed trees and fouled waters. Most importantly however, he turned pokemon into a dark reflection of himself - dark and evil, merciless killers who killed only to kill. These corrupted pokemon served his interests to the letter, and he used them to great effect.

Eventually however, Arceus discovered his brother, and attempted to end him. Arceus failed, and The Shadow escaped. The Shadow launched an invasion into the land of Serrin in an attempt to weaken Arceus to a point where he could kill the god. Arceus intervened and dubbed The Shadow as Famin. After being weakened by fighting armies of corrupted pokemon, Arceus faced Famin in battle. The two clashed in a mighty battle. It ended when the two gods were near death. Their powers were so depleted that it created a vacuum, and it sucked up the nearest energy it could find - the aura of a human being. It encased them and created the object known as the Beacon. The two have waged an eternal war in the Beacon ever since then.

Today, both Arceus and Famin are both active participants in Aatos, though their powers are limited greatly by the encasing Beacon. Unable to leave his shell, Famin is limited to influencing the minds and bodies of others indirectly, by whispering in their minds, casting curses, and causing people to fall into depravity. One of his largest projects is the creation of Corrupted Pokemon which draw on his power source in a perverse imitation of the world Arceus and his children built. He has also reached out to a series of powerful humans and twisted their minds, causing them to seek his reinstatement into the world. This organization is known as the Ring of Shadows, and after several hundred years, they finally approaching the goal of releasing Famin back into the world. If not stopped soon, the Ring will likely resurrect Famin within the next five years, at the longest.

A Note From CosmicOccurence
It may seem that I have used Famin to fill the role of the 'One Evil to Rule them All' in Aatos - the Sauron or Voldemort of this world that I have created if you will. I assure you that it was not my intention. Instead, I use Famin to answer the question 'Can Pokemon be Evil.' To which I wanted the answer to be yes. While sentient pokemon can be evil without the help of a god, there needed to exist the ability for less intelligent pokemon to be intentionally malicious and proactively working towards the destruction of something. Giratina was one answer to this question for me, but he is a sympathetic force. I was looking for something that might be the source of evil that exist in pokemon. Famin also allowed me to take the world of Aatos in many new directions including the nation of Serrin and the formation of the Ring of Shadows.

That being said, Famin can easily be turned into one large villain to cap off a campaign and save the world if the DM chooses to go that direction with him. However, that is not what I tried to do with him in the context of creating a setting. I intentionally avoided the stereotype of having one great evil that was threatening to destroy humanity (though he would certainly love to do so). I wanted Aatos to be more dynamic than that. Famin is merely one player in the game of actions and reactions that make Aatos into a dynamic world - I hope - in many ways similar to our own.

Treat Famin exactly as you would treat Arceus in your game. Both are of the same power levels, and both derive power from the 18 mystical type plates that harness their power. Instead of Judgement, Famin should instead have Damnation, which is mechanically identical.

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