Yay! Elementalist Fluff and WILD MAGIC!

Advanced Classes for Elementalist:
Stormlord: An Elementalist that uses his wild magic to harness the power of storms and weather on the battlefield.
Manifester: Using wild magic to create artificial pokemon for short amounts of time, Manifesters never lack forces to command in battle.
Devastator: Devastators focus on spreading destruction through their use of elemental forces.
Enhancer: Knowing the secret of Pokemon's connection to wild magic, Enhancers work in tandem with their Pokemon to achieve victory.
Geomancer: A Geomancer manipulates their surroundings in order to achieve strategic perfection in battle.
Weaver: Seeing wild magic as threads of energy, Weavers use these threads to create powerful effects through wild magic.
Attuned: Using wild magic to give themselves the abilities of Pokemon, the Attuned are perfectly in sync with nature.

Prerequisites: 13 CON, 13 WIS
Bonuses: +1 CON, +1 WIS
Penalties: -2 STR

Class Features: Elemental Prestidigitation, Elemental Affinity

Elemental Prestidigitation (Trainer Action, Illegal)
Effect: You can perform minor feats of elemental manipulation on an area within 5 meters of you, manipulating any of the elements(Fire, Light, Earth, Water, Ice, Air, Electricity). This includes moving and controlling small amounts of the element(no more than 1 pound for material elements - Earth, Water, Ice - or 1 cubic meter for immaterial elements - Fire, Light, Air, Electricity), making natural forms of a harmful element non-harmful(You won't be burned by fire, blinded in bright light, chilled by ice, etc), and recognizing unnatural forms of the element(an unnatural form of an element is something that has been created, or manipulated into its present form, by a Pokemon or Trainer ability). This ability cannot deal damage. Example uses of this ability are as follows:

Fire: Creating a spark to light a campfire.
Light: Conjuring a small ball of light equivalent to a candle, or a more focused beam similar to a flashlight(range 5 meters).
Earth: Sensing objects buried in the ground up to 5 meters down.
Water: Condensing water from the air to fill a canteen(would take several minutes).
Ice: Walking on natural ice without any risk of slipping.
Air: Making a light object(a feather, a piece of paper) float.
Electricity: Charging a battery(would take several minutes).

Elemental Affinity (Illegal)
Effect: Whenever you attack a Fire, Water, Ice, Ground, Rock, Electric or Flying type add either your Wisdom or your Constitution modifier to the damage before applying Defense/Special Defense, Weakness and Resistance. This bonus does not apply to damage from your Pokemon’s Moves.

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