Dream Augur

Sleep is a thing that all human beings produce naturally. They enter the world of dreams and nightmares, a realm where the impossible is possible, a land where the unimaginable becomes standard fare. Certain people can access this world. Most commonly, symbol magicians known as Dream Doctors venture into the realm of experimenting with sleep, but they were not the first to play with sleep and its benefits. Long ago, many people knew how to manipulate sleep to their advantage. These people were known as Dream Augurs, and they were formidable warriors who could bring the impossibility of dreaming into the real world. However, in the modern Aatos Dream Augurs have almost died out with the fall of wild magic from normal comprehension.

In Aatos, Dream Augurs are found sporadically sprinkled throughout the land. The only place you could really count on finding one is in the Ring of Shadows or The Circle. These groups use Dream Augurs as powerful support forces on the battlefield, especially when they are allied with pokemon that have the ability to apply sleep to the battlefield.

Dream Augur - Advanced Feature
Prerequisites: A Pokemon with the Dream Smoke Capability, knowledge of and training in wild magic, primary stat 18 (Dex, Int, or Cha).
Bonuses: +1 primary stat

Augur's Trance
At-Will - Drain 10 of user's HP per use.
Effect: If you are not Asleep, you fall Asleep, and then immediately use the move Miracle Eye. If you are already asleep, you immediately wake up and use the move Mind Reader.

Effect: While Asleep, you are able to take Shift and Trainer Actions, with some restrictions. Your Movement Capabilities are halved while you are asleep. When making Trainer Actions while asleep, you can only use Dream Augur Features, unless you would be able to use those features while Asleep normally. You are still sleeping, and thus cannot communicate clearly.

By Paradox Haze

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