This is a page to thank all those people who have helped me put this world together and make it presentable to you. Without them, Aatos wouldn't be here right now. The art is mostly taken from deviantart. If you see your work here and wish for it to be taken down, shoot me a pm at My screen-name there is Cosmicoccurence.

I'd like to give a super special thanks to three people who have put in a lot of time making this happen: MintyNinja, Major, and Dudeman. They have helped me with proofreading and balance respectively. Additionally, MesiDoomstalker has proved invaluable in the development of Aatos past its infancy stages. He's helped me pretty much every step of the way. Thank you so much MesiDoomstalker.

Another throw out to my victims players who are willing to put up with me and the world I've created. They've all made tremendous contributions to the world simply by exploring it with me. At this point, they are contributing just as much as I am, if not more. MintyNinja, MesiDoomstalker, and Major, IrnBruAddict, and BluesEclipse.

Names are listed in order I received assistance.
Name Contributions
CosmicOccurence Pretty much everything.
BluesEclipse Creator of Elementalist (which led to manifester), and his ideas helped me develop the concept of wild magic
Major Proofreading, Balance, Moral support, fakemon statting
MesiDoomstalker A Base for Aatos's religions, development in Kushite philosophy, write up for Sassnid religion, chief contributor
Japancake Names, Culture
MintyNinja Copius amounts of proofreading, Names
Dudeman Proofreading, Coding
Arcran Creation of the Armor System which I drew on for my Armor rules, often copying it verbatim, Manifester class
Mrs. Fizzes Artwork for the Voltorb Page
Espirit15 Creator of the PTU Influential class.
Weirdsound Typo hunter.
TenabreTrevellian Made the awesome world map!
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