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The Revenge of Lord Birshard
- Status: Dead, likely never to be revived.
- I'd like to put out a starter adventure, just a shorter one! Also, don't be afraid to make it simpler than what you had done. However, using the information you already have about Willow's Hollow could be a really useful addition.

Secrets of the Vardamir
- About to Begin. Putting finishing touches on it!

Role in Your Campaign Switch plots and rumors to this, and apply it to all the pages.
Vardamir Empire Page Very much needed, will require a lot of redirection.
Ring of Shadows Page
Bloody Hand Page
Introduction to the World Page which will illustrate some of the matchsticks that I have set up to begin blowing up. Elba/Achaemian Empire. Slave Revolt (w/Barrir). Potential Civil war in Gavent. Ring of Shadows progressing toward raising Famine. Frozen Waste's encroach.
Crafting a Campaign in Aatos complete with a multitude of campaign ideas and examples of how one might go about running a game.
Work on Homebrew: Update Copycat, Add Illusionist, Add Empowerer (w/note to use either this or Dancer), Compare Elementalists and pick/choose to decide which get in.
Do the whole indeginous tribes thing where they were all one and then split off into 3 groups (4 if you add the gypsies). Put that in History or have its own page.
Magic System: Streamline the magic system a bit to fit better into PTU. Explain that Image Magic is simply a subsection of Wild Magic that is perceived differently. Wild magic died out during the reign of the Vardamir, then several hundred years later Image Magic was 'rediscovered' allowing certain subsections of it to be discovered. Psychic most common, but Flying, Ground, Electric, and Normal elementalists while rarer, are still more common. The other abilities, for unknown reasons, have remained extremely rare and are not recognized as Image magic.


These are all the characters I've built on wikidot. Use them for inspiration!

Concepts I'd like to Play
Treasure Hunter/Dungeon Delver
Person with an Armor Pokemon (Steel Golurk or Aatos Rotom)
Messiah OR Godslayer
Animated Chain Grappler (Soldier, Weapon Master, Stat Ace, Dancer (dip for Dragon Dance), and Ace Trainer are possibilities), wielding a honedge/duoblade customized to be chains)

The Good Come back to these ones, either to recreate or for inspiration.
Leo Blackwell: My favorite character. He's incomplete mind you, but all the fluff is there. IIRC, his team was Piri Piri (Darmantian), Nightlocke (Snorlax), Drachma (Golden Tyrantitar), Beaula (Amphoros), and an unnamed Miolotic
sailor: Neptune was his name. He was for a gym leader game. Designed as an ex-marine, Neptune specialized in underwater grappling and ocean fighting. He's pretty cool, kind of grim, and really dangerous. Kind of an edgy character.
the-shadow-prophet He goes by Nike (all the classical references), but I'm not sure what game I designed him for. He's a touched of Darkrai with a 'for the greater good' morality that leads him to stop disasters at any cost. Come back to this guy!
gambler Griffin Hale, gambler gym leader, electric ace with a badass explosion combination.
prometheus Prometheus is an illusionist, copycat, and firebreather, a multitalented expert thief who is the best in the world at what he does. Built for a high level game.

The Bad We just forget about these characters and pretend that they don't exist.
hannah-vane A breeder for Arcran's Battle City game. It never talk off. She's meh, but kind of funny.
cello-giocoso A musician that's meant for a comedic game. He's a playboy with a giant cello.

cacnea-sniper Deadshot, a Cacnea for a PMD game in the M&M system. He was a sniper.

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