There are no mechanical changes to contests. The function the same way in Aatos as described in the Players Handbook. This page is meant to address the role that contests play in Aatos, and to provide some ideas on how contests might be included into an Aatos adventure. I know that many players of the PTA and PTU community dislike contests and tend to avoid them when possible. Thankfully for them, contests are a rarity in Aatos, generally reserved for the rich and famous. The common folk of Aatos simply don't have the time or energy to dedicate to putting on flamboyant shows. They instead spend the entirety of their day sweating in order to earn enough money to support their family. Nobles, rich merchants, and other affluent individuals have very different priorities. They don't have to worry about things like money on the same level that commoners do. They have the time and energy to train and prepare pokemon for contests, which are often seen as ways to promote their name and form vital social connections. Oftentimes they will hire a man or woman to train the pokemon and tutor it the moves it needs to know to become a successful showcase pokemon for its owners. However, the person showing a pokemon will always be a member of the affluent family so they can promote their names to the highest extent. If a GM wants to run a game in Aatos centered around contests. it would be smart for most, if not all, PCs to belong to noble families.

There are times however, when common folk will engage in contests. These are always of a lower quality, more casual scale than those that nobles engage in, perfect for a game that wants to try them out without making a campaign long commitment to the events. Large towns will often have a series of contests during times of celebrations. Festivals and religious holidays are common enough, and most folk will take time out of their day to at least watch, if not participate in, some of the local contests. Serrin in particular enjoys having contests on each of their 18 religious holidays, and much of the Serrin populace has participated in at least one contest over their years of worship.

Contests in your Campaign: Honestly, contests tend to be either the focus of a campaign or a nonentity, so this question will probably already be worked out. For heavy uses of contests, a game would be best run in a place of leisure and decadence. Nobles from Galla and the Achaemian Empire would both be good places to have contest focused campaigns. Contests can also be a fun part of a political intrigue campaign as a way to gather several important figures into one place for a social event. If you have an urge to throw a contest at your players, it would be easy enough to throw a local holiday in a nearby village or have a travelling minstrel show visit, both of which would facilitate contests fairly easily.

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