Things I need to do before setting is ready for presentation:

All of Iussus
Culture section in country descriptions?
Split geography portion descriptions into mini paragraphs?
On each continent page give a brief description of each country next to link. 1-2 sentences is enough.
Geography Entries for Bodies of Water

Life In Aatos

Homebrew adv class to replace photographer Make 4 new features for said class
Refluff dream doctor
Refluff Engineer

all of pokemon
Fakemon Famin Left
Corruption Rules

^decide how to do this probably #2, but I should start out with #3 and work my way up.

  1. Arcs Way (probably not feasible for all pokemon)
  2. Short description of where found/differences in aatos

# Do nothing except for with the ones I make changes to (if done this way, need to include list of 'exclusive' mons to reigons - eg scyther to silvastre)

All maps of Iussus.
Redo general world geography map: elimminate nation line in Kush, change lake lyra's color, add ocean names.

For Game Note: Don't worry about this yet
List of houserules
Notes for people (like what arc did)
Make Big 16
Make the several character creation lv rules

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