Name: Weiss Hildegarde
Race: Female Human
Age: 20
Alignment: True Neutral
Bounty: None

Level: 1
Experience: 0
Class: Swordsman
Career: Scientist
Prestige Class: None
Prestige Career: None
Devil Fruit: None

Weiss's goal is to get in a group that will grant her access to the materials she wants, and she'll fight tooth and nail when she sees what she wants.
Weiss has spent her time jumping from crew to crew, and she has had no compulsions about throwing her 'comrades' under the bus to further her own ends. Some people from her past crews might hold a grudge for her actions.
To Weiss, her weapons are her babies, and she wants them to be as tripped out as they can possibly be. She wants a collection weapons with seastone, devil fruits, and whatever random enhancements she can think of.
Stat Score Modifier
Strength 6 -2
Dexterity 16 3
Constitution 14 2
Intelligence 16 3
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 10 1

Hit Points: 7
Damage Reduction: 1
Size: Medium
Speed: Overland 30, Swim 20

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