Fujiwara Tessa

The Storm Witch

Name : Fujiwara Tessa
Age : 47
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 170

Level 12 Channeler/Electric Ace/Spark Master


Tessa's story starts when she was only a toddler. As a child on a farm on the outskirts of Violight, Tessa had regular exposure to all kinds of farming pokemon. One day she wandered away from her parent's eyes and into the Mareep pen. While the Mareep were domesticated and not usually a danger, the natural static electricity of a large herd in such an enclosed area was too much to be healthy in the frail body of a small child. Tessa fainted and was carried to the edge of the pen by one of the larger Mareep in the pen. Her parents found her and, even though they immediately administered a Chansey's healing treatments, the episode had permanent consequences on Tessa's body. Light electric currents continually surge through her body, hindering the development of her body and restricting movement, causing Tessa's body (especially the joints) to often feel stressed and painful. However, the young child was delighted to learn that she could create static electricity from then on, and she used this newfound talent to amuse herself to no end.

As Tessa matured, she began to slowly master the static currents running through her body. While her body still suffered the strain from electricity, she was able to control its external manifestations and could even transfer some of those paralyzing sensations to a person that touched her. She also had a bond with many electric type pokemon, especially the Mareep that she loved to tend, and she began to work with these pokemon and electric battle techniques. As she began to take more responsibilities over from her aging parents, she began to gain a reputation as a rather formidable rancher, capable of subduing even the most wild and powerful of ranch animals using her abilities and pokemon. Despite her frail body, her sheer willpower and charisma allowed her to excel at the job, although she often relied on pokemon to assist her with some of the physical aspects of the job.

It was about this time that Tessa began to engage in her spiritual side. While she, like most others in Ransei, recognized Arceus as the world's god, she began to pay special attention to a legendary that she decided to make her patron deity: Thundurus. Inspired by the majesty of the storms that this pokemon created, Tessa began to delve once again into training her powers, gaining more control over the electricity coursing through her veins. She even erected a small altar to the god in a room inside her house, and she prayed to the god daily. She tried to emulate a storm, wild and raging, full of life and love and passion, just like her god.

These passions eventually lead to a husband and three children, and Tessa made a fine mother. She was especially skilled at storytelling, as she would recount stories from her childhood or of the great heroes of Ransei in the past. Each of them had inherited her ability to manipulate electricity, although their bodies were less severely affected than her, and all chose to pursue swordsmanship in combination with their electric abilities (Tessa and her Husband - a martial artist - trained their children to be able to tame the dangerous pokemon around the ranch). Time passed and the ranch continued to grow with its large set of hands on board. However, when her sons were 16, the farm was razed by an invasion from an Ignis noble who was launching an attack on Violight. While her husband was killed in the conflict, Tessa and her three boys escaped, able to save only their personal pokemon. Unsure what to do with themselves and without the means to restart their ranch, the family used their combat skills to join a mercenary company, which was more than willing to accept recruits with such … unique abilities.

While Tessa keeps in regular contact with her children, the family has split up as each of her children has begun pursuing their own ends. Tessa herself continues to remain an active combatant, despite being surrounded by those of a much younger age than herself. Among her mercenary company, Tessa is famous for her ability to switch between an easygoing thrill seeker and a terrifying presence in the blink of an eye. She is a tempest on the battlefield, with perhaps a larger passion for life than any of the youngsters fighting alongside her.


Mercenary. Mother. Rancher. Worshiper. Charmer. Survivor. Tempest.

Tessa is middle aged, which is decidedly old for somebody in a mercenary company. She has wild greyish-black hair that she will often tie up in a bun, leaving a few bangs loose on the sides of her face. Crows feet have just begun to form by her eyes, and wrinkles have begun to play across her face. A stylized tattoo of her patron god plays across her collarbone. She generally wears a loose fitting tunic and trousers with a sturdy pair of boots, and she's too poor to afford amor even though she'd like to get a good set to protect herself with.

My plans for Tessa at this point are relatively unformed, and she'll travel in whatever direction the wind takes her (the wind namely being plot). Tessa does what she finds interesting, and when she's grown bored of it she'll move onto something that she's more passionate about. As far as mineable character traits are concerned, Tessa has a general distrust of Ignis folk, as her farm was burned to the ground by an Ignis noble. She's also fiercely protective of her sons and will seek revenge for anybody who harms them. She will continue with her worship of Thundurus, and I could see Tessa eventually seeking to become a Touched of the god (or even Messiah if I still have a class open that late). She really has no interest in politics at the moment, although that could change, and her main motivation to continue with the mercenary lifestyle is the adventure and excitement that it brings. She also is dead broke though, so that plays into the equation as well.

Skills and Combat Statistics

BODY (-2)
Acrobatics Adept 3d6-2
Athletics Pathetic 1d6-2
Combat Pathetic 1d6-2
Intimidate Expert 5d6+6
Stealth Untrained 2d6-2
Survival Untrained 2d6-2
MIND (1)
Guile Untrained 2d6+1
Perception Novice 3d6+1
Education (General) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Medicine) Pathetic 1d6+1
Education (Pokemon Education) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Occult) Novice 3d6+1
Education (Technology) Untrained 2d6+1
Charm Expert 5d6+6
Command Untrained 2d6+6
Focus Master 6d6+6
Intuition Novice 3d6+6
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: 85/85
HP 17
Attack 5
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 18+5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 16
Injuries 0
Action Points 7

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Class Damage Range Effect
Electrify EOT None Electric Status N/A 6; 1 Target Until the end of the user’s next turn, the target’s damaging Water-Type attacks and Melee attacks of any Type deal Electric-Type Damage instead of their usual Type.
Charge Beam At Will 4 Electric Special Damage Base 5; 1d8+13 6, 1 Target If Charge Beam successfully hits a target, roll 1d20. On a roll of 7+, the user’s Special Attack is raised by +1 Combat Stage.
Charge EOT None Electric Status None Self If the user performs an Electric Move on their next turn that deals damage, add its Damage Dice Roll an extra time to the damage. Raise the user’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage.
Discharge EOT 2 Electric Special DB 8: 2d8+15 All Cardinally Adjacent Targets Discharge Paralyzes all legal targets on 15+.
Overland 4 Swim 2 High Jump 0 Long Jump 1 Power 3 Throwing Range 5 Weight Class 4
Ability Usage Target Special Effect
Static Scene; Free Action The user is hit by a melee attack The attacking foe becomes Paralyzed.
Own Tempo Static Self The target is immune to confusion


Money $340

Head n/a -
Body n/a -
Main Hand Hand Carved Wand (Focus) +5 Special Attack
Off-Hand n/a -
Feet n/a -
Accessory Enchanted Golden Bangle (Electric Type Booster) Electric Attacks Get +5 Damage

Focus - Held by Tessa
Electric Booster - Held by Tessa
Ground Bracer - Held by Beaulah

Item Quantity Effect
Super Potion 2 Heals 35 Hit Points
Super Soda Pop 4 Heals 30 Hit Points
Antidote 2 Cures Poison
Burn Heal 2 Cures Burn
Bandages 5 Bandages last for 6 hours; while applied, they double the Natural Healing Rate of Pokémon or Trainers, meaning a Pokémon or Trainer will heal 1/8th of their Hit Points per half hour. Bandages also immediately heal one Injury if they remain in place for their full duration

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 0
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Story EXP: 0

Background: ** (+Focus, + Intimidate, +Occult Edu; -Combat, -Athletics, -Medicine Edu)
Body -2, Mind 1, Spirit 6.
Edges:** Beast Master, Elemental Connection (Electricity), Novice Acrobatics
Feats: Electric Ace, Lockdown, Spark Master
+3 Hp +4 Speed, +5 SpAtk

Feats and Edges

[Class][+SpAtk, +Speed]
Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics; Novice Athletics or Charm
Effect: You learn the ability Own Tempo.

Current Team: flaaffy.giffrogadier.gif
Owned Pokémon (0):
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

Pokémon History
Beaulah - Female Flaaffy, gifted from her family farm. Beaulah is a generally agreeable pokemon that has a bright personality.
Storm - Female Frogadier, befriended near the ocean. Storm is a feisty pokemon that in many ways lives for the thrill of a good battle. Light on its feet, Storm generally races out in front of Tessa and Beaulah to confront the foes head on while electric attack support her from behind.

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