The Terror of the Deep

Name : Neptune (officially Gale Alexander)
Age : 35
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 235 lbs

Level 20 Water Ace/Soldier/Martial Artist/Tidedrinker

A Man and His Ocean

Neptune began his life as Gale, where he grew up in a small coastal town on the shores of Calandros, where he spent most of his time in the water. He quickly learned how to swim, and, with his poliwag partner, he became the best swimmer in the town, winning the annual competitions without any difficulties. As he grew older, he continued his active lifestyle, collecting a great deal of water type pokemon from his journeys further and further into the ocean. Coming from a small, conservative hamlet with a large deal of patriotic spirit and support for the league, Gale knew from an early age that he was destined to join the military to fight against the rebels across the sea. When he came of age, Gale chose to enter the Navy, a natural choice for him given his habits as a child.

The lifestyle of a Navy Private was hard, but it was an environment that Gale excelled in. He quickly gained a reputation for his affinity for the ocean (an affinity that surprisingly few of the Caldros Navy possessed), and his friends began calling him Neptune for his ability to stay underwater for record amounts of time. As athletic as one could be, the newly dubbed Neptune also took easily to the combat training that every naval cadet went through. His ability to attack was only average, but he was tough and difficult to take down. Additionally, he began to learn the tricks of grappling and wrestling, devoting more and more of his training time to the fighting style.

Neptune took this new fighting style to his first battle, where they boarded a Shalmos ship and tried to obtain the ship. In the heat of the battle, Neptune and several enemy soldiers were blown into the water from a large explosion. Neptune prevented three of the sailors from climbing aboard by grappling them in the water and dragging them under the surface of the waves, drowning them. Somehow, Neptune didn't drown himself that day, instead gaining an uncanny ability to breath water like so many of his pokemon. Neptune attributed this gift, as with many of his other gifts, to Manaphy, and his devotion to the sea deity redoubled. From that day forward, Neptune honed his unique fighting style of throwing opponents overboard and drowning them as they struggled for breath. Some thought this unnecessarily cruel, but Neptune found it a fitting fate for the rebels who had tried to overthrow the league.

Neptune's reputation caused him to quickly rise up the ranks in the Navy. However, he simply didn't have the disposition to be a commander. In battle he preferred to leap into the fray, not command calmly from the deck of a ship. Instead, he stayed as the highest rank that a warrior could hold and still participate in active combat. Eventually however, he began to tire of the endless battles and endless losses that the Calondros Navy seemed to always suffer. Whether it was the training regimes, the tacticians' inadequacy, or continued bad luck, the Shalmos navy always seemed to end up on top, no matter how many enemies he killed. Neptune began to search for other options to contribute to the League's cause, and he eventually got offered a position as a Gym Leader for his phenomenal track record in the field and his specialty with water type pokemon. He took his post in _ City, and has just begun serving his country in a much different capacity.

Appearance and Personality

Neptune is taller than most and extremely solidly built. His muscles are honed from years of active combat service, and he works out regularly in addition to the insane amount of time that he spends in the water on a daily basis. His intimidating height and build are complimented by his eyes (one yellow, one blue), and old knife scar across his nose, and the tattoo of a sharpedo silhouette on his shoulder. Next to his pokeballs, a serrated knife sits on his hip as a carryover from his Navy days, even though he rarely uses it during battle.

Neptune is an extremely pragmatic individual. He knows what he wants, and he'll do what he needs to in order to get it. However, he also has an extremely passionate side. He loves the ocean, and the water is just as much his home as land is. Very in control of himself at all times, his military training has resulted in an intense monitoring of his responses, and he feels most comfortable when controlling the situation. His calm facade is enough to intimidate most people, and shows of emotion aren't his style unless they serve a purpose. He holds Calondros and the League in the highest regard, and is willing to fight in their honor, killing as many of the filthy Shalmos traitors as he could. While he takes pride in his fighting style and putting down rebels, he refuses to kill in cold blood, citing that his fighting style is meant (on ground at least) as a tool to subdue, not to kill.


More at home in water than on land, if Neptune can get an enemy into the water, they are almost certainly in store for a difficult fight.

Neptune's Gym

Neptune's gym is a rather sprawling affair. It is built out of the skeleton of a retired navy ship, the SS Sharpedo. The upper levels provide battle arenas for trainers to use at their leisure, several competition sized pools, and weight training facilities for those of a more athletic bent. In order for any trainer to challenge Neptune, they must first earn the approval of his Gym Trainers, which are comprised of more Navy retirees. They weed out those who aren't ready for the challenge and ensure that Neptune isn't swamped with challenges. In rare cases (such as when Neptune is off on assignment for the League) his First Mate, a woman by the name of Kari, is allowed to run the gym in his stead. Additionally, any trainer seeking to challenge Neptune must pass a swim test if they wish to personally participate in the challenge.

The challenge itself is rather different. Instead of a normal battle, trainers are taken down to the bowels of the ship, which is flooded with water. Neptune has constructed a variety of platforms, ladders, and flotation devices that allow challengers to maneuver awkwardly if they would rather not swim. Before the challenge, every participant (6 pokemon and, potentially, the human challenger) is given a rebreather as a safety feature, which they need not equip and can activate as a free action. They are told that if any member of their team uses a rebreather, the challenge is over and they have lost. The challenge itself is a rather one sided capture the flag, where the team has 5 minutes to retrieve a flag from the bottom of the ship (under quite a bit of water) and return it to a designated location. Of course Neptune and his team love to interfere, dragging opponents underwater, throwing them off platforms, and doing whatever they can to prevent the opposing team from reaching the flag. Challengers may also challenge in groups, where up to 8 trainers or pokemon may challenge at a time (he prefers 4 trainers and 4 pokemon but will work with any combination). In this style of challenge, he doesn't command his pokemon, instead letting them fight on their own while he devotes himself completely to the task at hand. The Gym's signature move is wrap, one final testament to Neptune's unique fighting style.

Skills and Combat Statistics

BODY (5)
Acrobatics Novice 3d6+5
Athletics Expert 5d6+5
Combat Master 6d6+5
Intimidate Adept 4d6+5
Stealth Pathetic 1d6+5
Survival Untrained 2d6+5
MIND (-1)
Guile Untrained 2d6-1
Perception Untrained 2d6-1
Education (General) Untrained 2d6-1
Education (Medicine) Pathetic 1d6-1
Education (Pokemon Education) Untrained 2d6-1
Education (Occult) Untrained 2d6-1
Education (Tech) Adept 4d6-1
Charm Pathetic 2d6+1
Command Expert 5d6+1
Focus Untrained 2d6+1
Intuition Untrained 2d6+1
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: 107/107
Stat Value Combat Stages
HP 19
Attack 14
Defense 20 1
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 20 1
Speed 7
Injuries 0
Action Points 9

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Effect
Struggle At Will 3 N/A DB 5; 1d8+22 Melee, 1 Target None
Vital Throw EOT N/A Fighting DB 7; 2d6+24 Melee, 1 Target, Push, Reaction If the user is targeted by a Melee attack and has not yet taken a turn this round, the user may declare Vital Throw. After the triggering attack is resolved, the user may use Vital Throw against the triggering foe as a Reaction. Vital Throw cannot miss. The target is pushed 6 meters.
Endure Daily N/A Normal N/A Self If the user is hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure as a Free Action. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 Hit Points or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 Hit Point.
Circle Throw At Will 4 Fighting DB 6; 2d6+20 Melee, 1 Target, Push The target is Pushed 6 meters minus their Weight Class. On 15+, the target is also Tripped.
Mega Punch At Will 4 Normal DB 8; 2d8+24 Melee, 1 Target None.
Rock Smash At Will 2 Fighting DB 4; 1d8+18 Melee, 1 Target Rock Smash lowers the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage on 17+.
Overland 7 Swim 8 High Jump 0 Long Jump 1 Power 10 Throwing Range 9 Weight Class 5
Ability Frequency Trigger Effect
Guts Static While suffering from Burn, Poison, Paralysis, Freezing, or while Asleep, the user’s Attack is raised 2 Combat Stages. If suffering from none of these conditions, the user loses any Combat Stages gained this way.
Teamwork Static While you are adjacent to an opponent, allies using Melee attacks against that opponent receive a +2 bonus to Accuracy Checks.

Title 3

Money $250,000

Head Darkvision Goggles Grant Darkvision Capability
Body Heavy Armor DR 10; Default Speed -1
Main Hand n/a -
Off-Hand n/a -
Feet n/a -
Accessory n/a -


Item Quantity Description
Sea Knife 1 Light Weapon
Flashlight 2 Waterproof
Lighter 1 Waterproof
Flippers 1 Flippers grant a +2 bonus to your Swim speed when fully submerged, and decrease your Movement speed otherwise by the same amount.


Item Quantity Effect
Moomoo Milk 10 Heal 80; Refreshment
Bandages 20 Heal 1 Injury
Hyper Potion 10 Heal 70
Full Heal 10 Cure Status Ailments
Black Sludge 5 When held by Pokémon or Trainers that are not Poison-Typed, the Black Sludge causes that holder to lose Hit Points at the beginning of each turn as if they were Poisoned. Poison-Type Pokémon may consume the Black Sludge as a Free Action at any time; once they do, as long as the holder keeps the Black Sludge in their possession, they recover 1/8th of their Max Hit Points at the beginning of each turn for the rest of the encounter. The item is then destroyed.


Item Quantity Modifiers
Ultra Ball 10 -15
Dive Ball 10 -20 if Underwater or Underground
Net Ball 10 -20 if water or bug type

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 0
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Story EXP: 0

Background: Beach Child (+ Athletics, +Acrobatics, +Edu Tech, -Stealth, -Charm, -Edu Medicine)
Body 5, Mind -1, Spirit 1.
Edges: Novice Skills (Combat), Swimmer, Combat Training
Feats: Soldier, Water Ace, Maneuver Training
+ Stats +5 HP, +4 Atk, +8 Def, +1 SpAtk, +1 SpDef, +1 Speed

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken have their effects detailed within.

Current Team: slowking.gifpoliwrath.giftentacruel.gifsteelix.gifoctillery.gifhippowdon.gif
Owned Pokémon (0):
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

Pokémon History
Admiral - Slowking, befriended during his youth. Admiral is the brains of Neptune's team, smarter in some ways even than Neptune himself. The leader's most trusted companion has keen interests in strategy, naval warfare, and cartography. Almost all of Neptune's best battle strategies came from this cunning Slowking. Several years ago Neptune dubbed him Admiral for being the commander that he never had the talent to be.
Riptide - Poliwrath, gifted as an egg from his parents Riptide is Neptune's longtime friend and companion. An avid diver and fearsome soldier, Riptide takes pride in his abilities as a soldier, and he perfectly synergies with his master during battle.
Leviathan - Tentacruel, captured in the ocean during Neptune's first year in the navy Enjoying a daily diet of Finneon, Leviathan enjoys his daily feasts greatly. It severely dislikes leaving the water, and will rarely do so. Instead, it enjoys dragging unwary enemies near the water into its environment with its long tentacles.
Behemoth - Water/Steel Steelix, Captured near hometown Behemoth is big. Very, very big. Large enough to fit five on its back as a pseudo-submarine, Behemoth is one of Neptune's oldest pokemon. The two have been together since his days romping around on beaches, and Behemoth is extremely loyal. Battle is Behemoth's great joy, and he takes pleasure especially in ramming holes in enemy ships.
Cove - Octillery, Captured at Porttown Cove is the craftiest of Neptune's pokemon. It enjoys riding on its master's shoulder, tubular mouth aiming shots carefully. A master sniper, Cove's ranged combat skills are second to none on the team.
Charybdis - Water/Ground Hippowdon, Captured near hometown. Charybdis is Neptune's simplest pokemon. She likes swimming, she likes biting things, and that's about it.

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