Ovelia Verene

Name: Ovelia Verene
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black


Throughout her life, Ovelia used to have long light brown hair that went down to her back. Since returning to the capital however she has cut her hair so that it is shorter and paid a herbalist to dye it black. Ovelia is a beautiful woman who cares deeply for Prince Jonathan, but due to a lack of self-confidence in her social status she keeps it secret. Due to recent events, Ovelia has become very determined to learn to wield a sword and has trained hard any chance she gets. She is motivated by hope and love.




Sir Hector was Ovelia’s first pokemon and one she acquired during her time training to be a Ranger. Ovelia had needed a way to pay for room and board while in the capital before she became a full-fledged ranger and she had taken up jobs working at various inns as a server. Each of her jobs didn’t last very long since she didn’t mix well with the drunk patrons she tended to serve…mainly because punching a patron was frowned upon regardless of where they touched you. One inn manager despite having to fire her for image, felt bad and slipped her the strange pokemon when he released her. He insisted she’d ‘understand why’ soon and left it at that. Her next job lasted much longer thanks to Hector who would constantly warn her before a patron tried anything. Ovelia’s graceful movements would always seem to just barely move out of reach of a grab attempt. The warnings allowed her to avoid it, but not caused a scene by being blatant about it. By the time she was a ranger, Ralts had evolved into a Kirlia and the two were even closer. More time passed as her and Hector worked at the palace to provide security and when Ovelia started showing interest in learning to use a sword, Hector showed similar interest and helped Ovelia save up enough money to buy him a Dawn Stone. The two started training together, having mock sword fights, and eventually the name ‘Sir Hector’ stuck.

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