Griffin Hale

The Compulsive Gambler

Name : Griffin Hale
Age : 26
Height : 6'2''
Weight : 193 lbs

Level 15 Chef / Cool Expert / Duelist

A Man of Fickle Fortune

Griffin spent his childhood in Nimbassa, where he first discovered the joys of gambling. As a little tyke, Griffin used to accompany his mother every weekend to the local game corner. There, he sat on his mothers shoulders as she made the rounds, mostly visiting the poker and blackjack tables. Every week for years on end, he experienced a world of flashing lights, fluffy pokemon, and endorphin filled air. As he continued to watch his mother play, he began giving advice. At first it was only small things, but when his mother discovered that Griffin had learned to count cards by eight years of age, he effectively began playing for her. Soon the family began to live comfortably, and Griffin's mother stopped going to casinos, but the little boy never forgot the thrill of winning at the tables.

When he turned 10 and was sent out into the world, he took his faithful companion Everest. The playful Shellder came from Nimbassa's prize section, and he'd raised her from an egg. As he traveled Unova, Griffin discovered that his talent for battling wasn't great. He suffered many losses and only managed to get one badge in two years. Figuring a change of scene would do him good, Griffin used the last of his money to take a boat to Kanto. He wandered from Vermillion to Celadon and, when he saw the Game Corner there, he forgot that he had come to improve his battling skills. He lost himself in the tables, refining the skills he had acquired as a child. He soon became a regular at the poker tables, with Everest watching calmly from his shoulder. Soon, he began to branch out, trying his hands at games that were more luck based, like craps and roulette. He quickly mastered these skills and decided to travel to Johto, where a new casino had just opened in Goldenrod.

16 years old now Griffin was making a killing in Goldenrod when he finally began to bet on exhibition matches. Whether it was popular television championship matches or local exhibition match ups, the youth began to discover the ins and outs of the art form. While he never participated himself, he managed to establish himself in the field, although his greatest love would always lie with poker. He won a Murkrow egg from one better who couldn't pay money that he owed to Griffin, and, when he discovered that the pokemon had an eye for shiny things like Griffin did, he felt right at home with the bird.

It wasn't until he began exploring the casino circuit in Hoenn, then 21, that Griffin finally began to partake in battles himself. He saw the benefit of developing his skills. If he was confident in his ability, he could bet on himself and make more money than he could betting on anybody else. Additionally, his flashy style of battling seemed to attract a lot of attention, giving him an even better cut of the money So Griffin rediscovered training, and he began to specialize in maximizing his 'luck' through training techniques to regularly accomplish what should only happen rarely. Of course, the road towards becoming an actual trainer weren't easy. The young man didn't have the same talent for battling that he did for gambling. He lost most of his money while building his team's power and his own skill. There were many times when the young man felt like giving up, fed only by the practical and inexpensive cooking he'd learned during the lean times, but he kept at it. After a year of struggle, he finally began winning more than he lost. His interest in battling, which used to be solely to bet more effectively, faded, and Griffin realized how thrilling battles were. Just like with gambling, skill is important in battles, but one bout of bad luck can turn everything around before you could bat an eyelid. It's the ultimate gamble.

Griffin continued to travel, visiting casinos in Kalos and Sinnoh while continuing to improve his battling ability. While he only had a single badge, Griffin Hale had become a name known in many of the more invested betting battler communities. He had just planned a trip back to Unova to see his parents for the first time in over a decade (they'd videochatted and called, but it wasn't quite the same), when he got the invitation to become a gym leader in [region]. The league thought that his skillset and interests would increase traffic through the region, and Griffin was quite overjoyed to learn that he would get to own his very own Casino. After a month with his family, Griffin hopped onto a boat headed to [region], a gamble that would shape the rest of his life.


A master of cards and dice, Griffin has won and lost fortunes inside the flashing lights of the world's casinos.

Gym Plans

Griffin envisions his gym as a place where trainers can have a bit of fun before they battle. Too often are trainers focused so much on winning that they lose sight of the enjoyable and unpredictable nature of battling. If a challenger didn't enjoy themselves while in his gym, whether they won the battle or not, he considers his job incomplete.

In order to satisfy his desire to create an easygoing environment (and to satisfy his own hobbies), Griffin plans to build his Gym underneath a casino, a casino that he will own and run. The King's Rock Casino will be one of the best gambling establishments in the world. Complete with Slots, Roulette, Voltorb Flip, Craps, Poker, and a betting ring for Exhibition Matches, Griffin's establishment is a fully functioning casino, with a prize corner to match. His gym trainers, in addition to fighting in the betting match system for training, serve as dealers, bouncers, bartenders, and other essential jobs for a functioning casino to flourish.

In order to ensure that challengers are able to relax during their visit, Griffin requires that each challenger win a certain amount of money before they can challenge Griffin to an official match. Of course, challengers can't be allowed to simply buy their way to a challenge, so casino-goers earn credits instead of more coins (you buy coins, and you win credits, which can be used at the prize corner, earn a challenge against Griffin, cash out, or recycle into more coins), so Griffin ensures that challengers have at least a modicum of luck and skill before they earn the right to challenge him. Of course, the most hardline trainers can always bet on themselves in exhibition matches.

Skills and Combat Statistics

BODY (0)
Acrobatics Untrained 2d6+0
Athletics Pathetic 1d6+0
Combat Pathetic 1d6+0
Intimidate Untrained 2d6+1
Stealth Untrained 2d6+0
Survival Pathetic 1d6+0
MIND (4)
Guile Master 6d6+5
Perception Untrained 2d6+4
Education (General) Untrained 2d6+4
Education (Medicine) Untrained 2d6+4
Education (Pokemon Education) Untrained 2d6+4
Education (Occult) Untrained 2d6+4
Education (Technology) Adept 4d6+4
Charm Expert 5d6+2
Command Master 6d6+1
Focus Novice 3d6+1
Intuition Novice 3d6+1
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: 109 / 109
HP 23
Attack 5
Defense 10
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 10
Speed 10
Injuries 0
Action Points 8

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Effect
Overland 4 Swim 2 High Jump 0 Long Jump 1 Power 3 Throwing Range 5 Weight Class 4

The Coin Case

Money $60

Head Sunglasses +1 to Charm, Guile, and Intimidate
Body n/a -
Main Hand n/a -
Off-Hand n/a -
Feet n/a -
Accessory n/a -


Item Quantity Effect
Ultra Ball 10 Roll of -15
Revive 1 Revives fainted Pokémon and sets to 20 Hit Points
Super Potion 3 Heals 35 Damage
Full Heal 3 Heals Persistent Status Conditions
Bandages 5 Heals Injuries Over 8 Hours

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 150
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Story EXP: 0

Compulsive Gambler (+Guile, Stealth, Focus, -Athletics, Combat, Survival)
Body 0, Mind 3, Spirit 2.
Edges: Group Trainer, Basic Skills (Command), Basic Skills (Charm)
Feats: Rogue [Class] [+2 Speed] (+Intuition, Perception), Underdog [Class], Electric Ace [Class]
+5 HP, +5 Defense

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken have their effects detailed within.

Current Team: plusle.gifminun.gifmurkrow.gifvoltorb.gif
Owned Pokémon (4): Plusle, Minun, Murkrow, Voltorb
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

Pokémon History
Bonnie - Plusle, Hatched, Starter. Bonnie is one half of Griffin's starting team. She's a condensed ball of energy, constantly getting into places that she shouldn't and taking things from Griffin's bag.
Clyde - Minun, Hatched, Starter. More reserved than his sister, Clyde is the other half of Bonnie. When not battling, Clyde is almost always on Griffin's shoulder, and the little blue pokemon has just learned how to play roulette on his own.
Darkwing - Murkrow, Hatched, Egg won at Level 4. Darkwing is a bit of a wanderer. He shares a love of shiny objects with Griffin and, while this has led to some disputes over who a coin actually belongs to, they've developed a content relationship.
Nova - Voltorb, Bought at Level 6. Potentially the strongest pokemon on Griffin's team, Nova enjoys the thrill of battle more than any of Griffin's other pokemon. The Voltorb rarely likes to come out of his ball unless a match is underway, and Nova can get quite shocking when he's grumpy.

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