The Sniper that Never Misses

Name: Barba (Legal) Deadshot (Underground)
Age : 25
Height : 1'4"
Weight : 113 lbs
PL 6 Cacnea


Barba was born on the sandier areas south of Plains City, and he grew up about 30 minutes outside of the city proper (as many residents of Plains City do). There wasn't a lot for a youthful pokemon to do in the city if you weren't a farmer, and Barba's family wasn't. His mother was a bounty hunter that was often out of the house, and his father ran a small warehouse that stored various grains. After his mother taught him the trick for shooting spines out of his hide, the young Cacnea spent his time shooting at moomoo milk bottles for fun. Some young pokemon played sports, some read famous novels, and Barba spent his time shooting empty glass bottles just to pass the time. Bored out his mind, Barba left home as soon as he could. He set his sights on Midway City, where he knew that there were a decent number of Bounty Hunting Jobs. The city was completely different than the Cacnea knew, and he spent a few days overwhelmed simply by how different it was than his home.

Barba had a rough start with Bounty Hunting. He was a good shot, but for some reason he couldn't ever finish a job. He simply didn't have the abilities or experience necessary to track down a target and successfully take down a criminal on the run. After three failures, he gave up and began to lose himself in the city. Eventually he found himself in a seedier part of town where he encountered a couple thugs who tried to rob him. After disposing of the Squirtles (who couldn't handle grass typed bullets), he was approached by a shady Ninetails who was looking for some protection from a water type gang in the area. Barba took the job, but he took the job under the name Deadshot.

Deadshot quickly fell into the world of the underground. Travelling between cities - mostly Midway City and Treasure Island - Deadshot took jobs as a bodyguard and hitman. He even assassinated a minor Vespiqueen drug lord in Midway City at the behest of a smuggler whose business was being affected by the bug. After that job, Deadshot became Barba once more and re-entered the world of Bounty Hunting. He quickly began to achieve successes given his experiences in the underworld. Slowly, Barba began to balance his two identities, travelling around the country and slipping between personas as he began to perfect his craft. Over time, the Cacnea has developed at least a low level recognition among both communities. While he may not be a recognizable name to everyone (or even most), he is slowly trying to develop his two reputations. He still has a ways to go however, and he's seeking more opportunities to make a name for himself.

Over time, Barba/Deadshot has worked with a large variety of individuals. However, he's developed a few contacts that he's worked with on a semi-regular basis, both in the legal world and the underworld.

  • Glacia (legal): A female Cubchoo who handles close quarter combat when Barba's job requires multiple people.
  • Zerran (legal): A male Drowzee who interrogates suspects and accomplices, usually when they're asleep.
  • Rita (illegal): An intelligent and savvy female Gothita journalist who has a foot in the underworld. She handles investigations and logistics.
  • Skull (illegal): A brutish Cubone male that serves as hired muscle when needed.
  • Tkaa (illegal): A rather stupid Fearow that has airlifted Deadshot out of a couple of sticky situations. He also provides reconnaissance on occasion.


A Perfect Job: Motivation, Honor. Deadshot enjoys the thrill of the job, and he thrives off of employment. There's a reason why he's bridged the gap between government jobs and those of the underground: the two sources of work provide him with constant stimulation, each job different from the last. From planning to execution, a job can consume the perfectionist Cacnea to a point where he lacks real friends, instead having a series of acquaintances that he's worked with regularly in the past. He doesn't need to make much money - just enough to get by - and he isn't picky about how much his employers choose to pay so long as he thinks the job will be a challenge. However, Deadshot does have a bit of a moral code. He refuses to accept jobs that target innocents or law enforcement. He's more than willing to use his skills to help criminals take each other down, but he won't involve innocents or political figures. It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, and there's no use drawing attention to himself by the authorities. That being said, if an individual threatens him in some way, Deadshot won't hesitate to take out the threat.

The Bounty Hunter and The Hitman: Identity, Secret. Deadshot maintains two identities, which he switches between with ease. He identifies most with that of Deadshot, the underground figure who works as assassin, bodyguard, and hitman. However, in the real world and in his dealings with the government, Deadshot goes by his birth name, Barda, a skilled bounty hunter. While both personas share some traits (recklessness, pride, and perfectionism for instance), Deadshot is definitely the darker of his two selves, and by far the more secretive. He goes by that name only when working with the underground.

Eight Legged Acquaintance: Rival. While working as a bounty hunter, Barda has encountered another hunter on many jobs. Going by the name Spinner, the Spinarak has stolen a few of Barda's bounties. The two have very similar outlooks on life, taking jobs for enjoyment rather than money. However, Spinner refuses to kill, instead skillfully trapping her opponents with webs and dragging them back to authorities alive. While the two don't dislike each other, they can get rather frustrated with each other when they cross paths on a job, each wanting to beat the other to the mark.


The master marksman prefers to operate from a distance, but he won't shy away if the fight comes to him.

Combat Style

As one would expect from a sniper, Barba/Deadshot prefers to operate from a distance. He's most effective when hidden away in a tree or tower taking potshots at his target, who ideally doesn't even know where the incoming spines are originating from. He likes plenty of time to set up, and sometimes he'll head to a location a day in advance and camp out in his location - a precaution so that his mark won't notice anything suspicious when they arrive. Usually he scatters the area around himself or the building that he's in with spikes, so that if a target does come after him they're slowed down. As an enemy gets closer, he'll pop them with a paralyzing spine or two to try and slow them down before continuing his cactus rifle shots. If they close all the way, he'll attempt to keep his distance while spraying them with spines. However, he'd prefer to be hit with a melee attack than a ranged one, as his prickly spine can inflict damage on its own then.

However, Deadshot has a couple of noticeable weaknesses. He's rather slow, and unable to flee from enemies effectively (especially those who are larger than him). He relies more on his hiding ability than anything else, hoping that an opponent will overlook him and simply run past. He's also got issues with flying types, who can almost always catch him, easily reach his sniping nests, and resist his long range attacks. Burrowing enemies provide similar frustrations for him.

Progression Options

Obviously Deadshot's spine launcher powers will increase in power as time goes on. I plan for the Cactus Rifle to increase in damage more quickly than accuracy in the future. He can use Aim to make it hit more easily, and the extra damage will give it some umph. I'd also like to give it a low level affliction link power and flavor it as hitting them in the legs and stuff. Rough skin damage will be increasing as well, hopefully becoming pretty fearsome. I plan on him becoming more athletic in the future with the ability to climb walls with his spines, making positioning even easier. I'm not sure what I'll do for my normal move, double team has crossed my mind.

Combat Information

Abilities (18 Points)
Strength -2 (Shrinking)
Stamina 2
Agility 4
Dexterity 2
Fighting 0
Intelligence 0
Awareness 0
Presence 1
Skills (19 Points)
Skill Ranks Bonuses Total
Acrobatics 0 4 4
Athletics 0 -2 -2
Close Combat 0 0 0
Deception 11 1 12
Expertise (Bounty Hunting) 2 0 2
Insight 8 0 8
Intimidation 0 1, -4 (shrinking) -1
Investigation 6 0 6
Perception 8 0 8
Persuasion 0 1 1
Ranged Combat (Spines) 3 2 5
Sleight of Hand 0 2 2
Stealth 2 4, 8 (shrinking) 14
Technology 0 0 0
Treatment 0 0 0
Vehicles 0 0 0
Defenses (8 Points)
Defense Base Ranks Total
Dodge 4 4 (Shrinking) 8
Fortitude 2 3 5
Parry 0 4 (Shrinking) 4
Toughness 2 2 (Rough Skin) 4
Will 0 5 5
Power Usage
Cactus Rifle Range 400/800/1600 Attack +7/8, Ricochet, Crit 16+ Toughness vs DC 19
Spine Barrage Range 10/25/50 Attack +5; Multiattack, Crit 16+ Toughness vs DC 22
Rough Skin Close Range Reactionary Auto-Hit Toughness vs DC 18
Passive Statistics
Initiative +4
Speed 15 ft/rd

Advantages and Powers

Advantages (7 Points)
Name Rank Effect
Improved Aim N/A When you use the aim action, you gain double the normal circumstance bonus: +10 for a close attack or ranged attack adjacent to the target, +5 for a ranged attack at a greater distance.
Improved Critical (Spine Shot) 4 Increase your critical threat range with Spine Shot by 1/Rank, allowing you to score a critical hit on a natural 16-20
Precise Attack 2 When you make ranged attacks you ignore attack check penalties for cover and concealment, although total cover still prevents you from making attacks.

Powers (40 Points)

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
Resistances: Water, Electric, Grass, Ground

Total Cost: -2 Points

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