Title 1

Name : Babel
Age : 6 Months, 22 Year Old Body
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 160lbs

Level 15 Researcher/Oracle/Trickster/Messiah of Uxie

Title 2

I opened my eyes for the first time, rising out of the darkness. I was in a room, no a tower - a tower filled with thousands of books. If you asked me then how I knew what a book or a tower was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I just knew. I stood, turning and looking around me, trying to get my bearings, discovering for the first time what it felt like to move a body. Then, suddenly, in front of my was a creature, and I instinctively knew that this was my Father, my Creator. He was smaller than me, much smaller, but I had no doubts about his power. I searched for his name, but couldn't find it.

I am Uxie, and I have made you, Father said, although I heard his words only in my head. You are the Child of a God, the Child of Knowledge Itself. This tower is called Babel, and it holds all the knowledge in the world. You too will become like this tower eventually, and so you will also be called Babel. Study now, for you do not have long before you shall meet your siblings and journey to the material world.

And Father vanished. Without hesitation I took the first book from the shelf and opened it. This was my purpose in life, and the power of Knowing flooded into me. I was truly Father's Son.

Babel emerged from the Tower earlier this year after what seemed like eons of isolation and a brief meeting with his two siblings, who were released at the same time as him. While he spent some time with Job and Mary in adapting to this new world, the three quickly split ways due to their personalities causing multiple conflicts between the three of them. After a short exploration of , Babel realized just how little humanity understood about this world. Their knowledge, especially about the past, had blurred into that of ignorance. What he knew as reality - the existence of gods - they took as mere fairy tales. Babel is currently looking to visit Canalave City, where he's heard that a great library exists. Perhaps it holds the knowledge that humanity lacks. He also plans to head to Lake Acuity to see if there is an entrance to the true Tower of Babel there, as it is rumored to have a connection with his Father.

While Babel's mission on earth is to restore knowledge, true knowledge, all knowledge has a cost. He eventually plans to raise several 'psuedo-towers' which hold the knowledge of Uxie's own Tower of Babel. However, he needs to find guardians willing to protect this knowledge from corruption and who can resist the powerful magic that is sure to reside in any such tower he raises. Humanity can gain knowledge, but they will need to go through hardship to achieve it. The trials may be so bad that normal humans could lose their sanity there, but this is the nature of Knowledge. This is the nature of Babel.

Babel's 'siblings' are Job, the child of Azelf, a harsh Taskmaster/Enduring Soul/Bezerker who has the willpower to fight through the pain of injuries and taking power from it, and Mespirit's child Mary, who manipulates her opponent's emotions using her Provocateur abilities and a host of infatuation inducing team.


Through his intense knowledge and deductive skills granted to him by his father, Babel is quite nearly the most knowledgeable person in the world. He estimates that he'll obtain the title in 6 months and 3 days

Babel was born with a 22 year old body, and it didn't age for the time that he spent in Uxie's Tower of Babel (a demiplane of existence). However, he's noticed that his body has been changing in the human world, and that he has begun to age. He is thin, and obviously weak with little physical strength. The bags under his eyes are prominent, as Babel doesn't sleep for more than three hours a night. He is precise and logical in everything, able to make incredible deductions from what seems to be the most inconsequential of observations. He has created a tower inside of his head, a Mind Tower if you will, which he can visit to reference any information that he's obtained during his studies.

Skills and Combat Statistics

Acrobatics Pathetic 1d6
Athletics Pathetic 1d6
Combat Untrained 2d6
Intimidate Untrained 2d6
Stealth Untrained 2d6
Survival Pathetic 1d6
Guile Expert 5d6+3
Perception Adept 4d6+3
Education (General) Master 6d6+3 Reroll 1s
Education (Medicine) Novice 3d6+3
Education (Pokemon Education) Expert 5d6+3
Education (Occult) Master 6d6+3 Reroll 1s
Education (Technology) Expert 5d6+3 Reroll 1s
Charm Untrained 2d6
Command Untrained 2d6
Focus Untrained 2d6
Intuition Untrained 2d6
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: /
HP 19
Attack 5
Defense 14
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 17
Speed 5
Injuries 0
Action Points 8

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Effect
Overland # Swim # High Jump # Long Jump # Power # Throwing Range # Weight Class #

Title 3

Money $0

Head n/a -
Body n/a -
Main Hand n/a -
Off-Hand n/a -
Feet n/a -
Accessory n/a -


Item Quantity Effect
Pokeballs 5 1d100
Greatball 5 1d100-10
Super Potion 2 Heals 35
Full Heal 4 Heals Status
Revive 2 Revive to 20
Bandages 4 Bandages Yo

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10
Total Pokemon EXP: 0
Total Battle EXP: 0
Total Story EXP: 0

Background: Raised in the Tower (++ Perception, +General Education, -Survival, -Athletics, -Acrobatics)

Edges: Mystic Senses, Touched, Novice Occult, Novice Medicine, Inspired Training
Feats: Messiah, Major Gift, Oracle, Divination
__+4 HP, +4 Def, +6 SpDef __

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken have their effects detailed within.

Current Team: vigoroth.gifmr._mime.gifklefki.gif
Owned Pokémon (0):
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

Pokémon History
Sloth - Male Vigoroth, gifted in the Babel by Father. While Sloth is Babel's 'muscle' he is also Babel's greatest supporter, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect his trainer. While he currently doesn't live up to his namesake, Babel knows that eventually his loyal Sloth will eventually live up to its namesake.
Envy - Male Mr. Mime, captured. Envy has always wanted to be human. Unfortunately he can only dream, but he enjoys pretending to be a street magician.
Greed - Female Klefki, captured. A bit of a kleptomaniac with a penchant for knowledge, Babel caught Greed breaking into a small library to steal a manuscript that he was going after himself. The two get along just fine

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