These are the characters that are currently (or have already) spent time in Aatos and learned its secrets. The players behind these characters will have the option of telling their story, in their own words, about their journey. It will also contain information on significant NPCs and locations that these PCs encounter.

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Currently in play:
Janan Ruh The son of a Kushite spy, Janan struggles to survive in Carthak as he avoids being identified for his true ethnicity and attempts to find his captured parents. But first, he has to learn how to live on the streets of Karfmietta.
Ovelia Verene A ranger of Galla who serves as the King's bodygaurd, this lady is looking to become the first King's Champion in Galla's history and win her King's heart.
Theo Aleato Theo is a psychic working as a translator for Lord Tarril of Sarn. His evolving talents are leading him down the road of thievery while he tries to increase his position in Lord Tarril's employ.

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