Capture Specialist

Changes to Capture Specialist and advanced classes.

Capture Specialist Instead of mechanics, capture specialists are a type of druids that specialize in the symbols that harness the power that restrains pokemon in apricorns in addition to being more adept at capturing pokemon.

Member's Discount: This applies not to pokemarts, as they don't exist, but instead to any stores of a particular merchants guild.
Pokeball Repair: Instead of a pokeball repair kit, you buy a set of precision knives.

Artificer Instead of being a tools guru, the Artificer instead is a master enchanter. Artificer weapons accompany all the great warriors into battle, as they are the highest quality in all of Aatos.

Collector No changes.

Engineer Engineers are absent in Aatos.

Juggler No changes.

Pokeball Designer The pokeball designer is a master of intricate carvings that enhance the magic of apricorns to a degree that others can't possibly imagine.

Snagger There are no snag machines or loyalty meters in Aatos, instead snaggers get intricate tattos along one of thier arms. These tattoos are done with pigmints infused with great power. In order for snagger features to be used, the tattooed arm must be revealed up to their elbow.

Trapper A user of very specific symbols, Trappers are famous in Aatos for actively pursuing game in the most dangerous reaches of the world.

Nintey Caliber Net: Instead of a cannon, you pay to get a tattoo on the palm of your hand that allows you to telekinetically throw weighted nets.
Tranquilizer: Instead of a rifle, you buy a blowgun covered in symbols that posses the ability to put pokemon to sleep.

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