The Boneyard is an expansive graveyard of bones: human and pokemon. It is a reminder of the results of senseless violence that often consume the three kingdoms (Galla, Miristan, and Attica). The bones came from the largest battle of the great war, when the three nations split apart from each other. This was the decisive battle where, after it had ended, each side's forces were too depleted to continue the fighting. They went back to their cities and left the bodies to rot, assuming that the bones would decompose like the rest of the bodies. They were wrong however, and the bones remained where they lay, creating a field of bones at least a mile wide. Of course, since that time, many of the skeletons have been buried by soil movements, broken, or stolen. However, the large number of bones still visible on the surface make the Boneyard one of the eeriest places in Galla.

While many of the smaller skeletons have disappeared over the years, the Boneyard is special due to the extraordinary amount of Giant Donphan skeletons. These pokemon, the size of houses, were commonly used throughout the war, and their bodies jut out of the landscape as monuments to the violence that occurs. Other large pokemon skeletons, such as steelix, rhydon, and snorlax, are also found fairly commonly, but they cannot match the gigantic size of the mammoths. The skeletons have not only defined the landscape, but also provided a unique environment for pokemon to live in. The Boneyard presents a unique experiences for players in the vicinity of Fort Macedon, as the Boneyard is a short distance east of the fortress.

Local Reactions
The people of Blackbriar (a town that supplies Fort Macedon with food) and the soldiers of the fort do not approach the Boneyard, believing it to be haunted by the spirits of deceased warriors. In fact, many of the people refuse to speak of it, fearing that uttering the word "Boneyard" will place a curse on their family. The local pokemon do nothing to discourage this thought, as many of them fall into the stereotypes that one would expect of a haunted location. Additionally when Mirirstan sends forces to try and capture the Fort, which would be a pivotal move in trying to retake territory, their superstitious soldiers avoid the place like the plague. On the whole, the people around the area tend to dislike thinking of the area, and they will never approach it.

The Boneyard is host to a wealth of rare and valuable pokemon, most ghost, dark, and ground type. However, these pokemon are used to their independence and, if caught by a trainer, will provide a more difficult task to tame than a normal wild would. Cubone and marowak are especially common in the Boneyard, as they use the copious amounts of skulls and femurs to outfit themselves with the bones that fit them the best. Since they have such a large choice in bones to use, the cubone and marowak of the Boneyard should recieve a +1 to both their attack and defense stats. Ghost pokemon are also quite common, which is the primary reason why the local people consider the place haunted. The evolution chains of ghastly, duskull, litwick, and spiritomb are all present in the Boneyard. Even rotom are present, and they love to inhabit the skeletons and scare visitors. Other pokemon that wander the Boneyard include mightyena, houndoom, dugtrio, phanpy, and vullaby. There is a particularly aggressive murder of murkrow lead by a shiny honchcrow that run one section of the Boneyard. These pokemon aren't afraid to attack visitors, and they are the most violent pokemon in the area.

Mallakam is the only human who spends any amount of time in the Boneyard, and he has chosen to make this place his home. A mystic/shaman/chef, Mallakam technically does not own any pokemon, but almost all the pokemon like the older man. He will often whip up tasty stews and snacks for the local pokemon to eat and, in return, they will sometimes loan him their bodies. The old man has made his home out of one of the smaller donphan skeletons, which he has turned into a comfortable little hut with the help of the local pokemon. He even has a fire pit and chimney for his house, allowing him to cook to his heart's content. Mallakam enjoys his solitude and uses his powers to reinforce the idea that the Boneyard is a haunted and dangerous place. When the odd human decides to pay a visit to his homeland he sends a host of young, energetic ghosts to go harass the intruder. If that doesn't scare off the brave soul, Mallakam will posses one of the rare rotoms and inhabit one of the skeletons that remains mostly in tact and pay a visit to the person. However, Mallakam rarely engages in an actual battle, for he has little experience in that department. If attacked, he prefers to inhabit the offending pokemon's body and force it to stop its attacks. The mystic's aversion to battle hasn't hindered his dreams of solitude however, as he has successfully convinced all visitors thus far that the Boneyard isn't worth the trouble.

Involving the PCs
There are a couple reasons that the PCs may want to pay a visit to the Boneyard. Those interested in spiritual matters, especially those with mystic or psychic classes might be interested in investigating the location further. Any dedicated trainer, but especially ghost aces and capture specialists, might be interested in paying a visit to the Boneyard to try and capture some of the rare ghost type pokemon that inhabit the area. Additionally, as an ex-battlefield, there are plenty of items here that the PCs might be interested in. If they can spend enough time looking, they can find enchanted weapons and armor that, while rusty, will work fine after being cleaned up a bit. There are also some odd held items buried in the bones of the location: dark boosters, razor fangs, and other such items could feasibly be found here.

If you're interested in a more quest-based approach to including the Boneyard in an adventure, its possible that one of the generals in Fort Macedon has finally decided to put an end to the haunted nature of the Boneyard. He wants a group of adventurers to do what his men are too scared to - enter the Boneyard and come out alive. Of course, he's also requesting that, if you do encounter any signs of haunted activity, you eliminate the problem. He'll pay you handsomely for the service. Of course the wild pokemon there wouldn't react kindly to such a threat, and they would respond in kind.

Alternatively, the abnormally large amount of rotom living in the Boneyard have recently decided to have a bit of fun. Skeletons have been seen dancing in the streets of Blackbriar every full moon, and, while the skeletons aren't hurting anybody, the villagers are scared witless. The soldiers, already superstitious, refuse to address the problem. The commanders need some people with a bit more backbone to go and find out why the dead are walking, and put a stop to it.

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