Prerequisites: Elementalist, Elemental Affinity +, Any 2 Capabilities gained from Elementalist Features
Bonus: +1 CON

Mechanic: Many of the Attuned Features grant Features to the Trainer’s Ability Pool. A Trainer, like a Pokemon, may only have a maximum of two natural Abilities at any one time. An Attuned, who can gain a number of Abilities, places these into an Ability Pool, and can use their Shifting Form Feature to change their active abilities on a daily basis. If an Attuned gains Abilities from other sources, these Abilities can be added to the Attuned’s Ability Pool as well. A Trainer may only have a maximum number of Abilities in his Ability Pool equal to his Trainer Level plus his CON modifier. The Abilities that are currently in effect on an Attuned are referred to as Active Abilities. Abilities that are Cast are considered Illegal in sanctioned League battles.

One With the Elements (Trainer Action, Legal)
Daily - Every 5 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
Target: Self
Effect: Choose either Fire, Water, Ice, Grass, Ground, Rock, Electric or Flying. You become the chosen Type for X minutes, where X is your CON modifier. When using a Move or Arms attack, if it shares a Type with you, you add STAB to the attack as if you were a Pokemon of a level equal to your Trainer Level doubled. If you already have a Type when you use this ability, replace that Type with the new one.

Shifting Form (Free Action, Legal)
Daily - Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
Effect: You may set up to two Abilities from your Ability Pool as Active.

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